Tried babybacks tonight.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by badbode, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. badbode

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    Well it sure isn't as easy as you see on TV. I tried the 2-2-1 method and sad to say, I failed. The ribs had a great smoke flavor but were definitely not fall off the bone.

    There was no bark and they were tough as boot leather. My guess is not long enough somewhere?

    I had a feeling it wasn't going to be as easy as if hoped. Guess ill try again this weekend.
  2. Tell us what you did every step of the way. First lets start with what temp.I'm thinking tem problem.

    Happy smoken.

  3. badbode

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    MES 40 Smoker set to 225*
    Ribs rubbed with seasoning. (Didn't take off membrane, I couldn't figure out how :))

    Placed ribs in smoker for 2 hours bones down. I added wood chips half way through.

    After two hours, I removed ribs and wrapped them in foil. Foil had brown sugar, parkay butter, honey and tiger sauce in it. After wrapping, placed back in smoker for 2 hours meat side down.

    After two hours, removed foil, added some BBQ sauce and placed back in smoker for 1 hour bones down.

    Even after the first 4 hours, the ribs didn't bend like I have read they should so I'm guessing they just didn't get cooked long enough.

    Like I said, they did have a great flavor, just had a real tough pull to get off the bones. Also, one of the racks, when I cut into it was still red near the bone so I'm thinking they just didn't get done.

    I'm completely new to this so let me know where I'm messing up. I have my big boy panties on so I can handle criticism! LOL

    Oh, I plan to get a different thermometer to make sure of the actual temp in the smoker.

    Thanks Bodie
  4. webowabo

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    I don't own a MES... but usually a good rule of thumb is either test the therm that was shipped with a new smoker or with some models of other smokers trash it and get one you know that works. But like I said I don't own a MES. From the sounds of it with what you have said.. its a true and true 2-2-1 method.. Now, depending on which smoker I use.. I don't always use the 2-2-1 method.. .. I might use a 2.5-2-.5 cause I don't sauce and I really like alittle tug on the bone rather than "fall off the bone".. Just my .02...


  5. foamheart

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    My first question. Did you leave the door closed or were you a peeping Tom?

    I don't know I believe it but I have read that every time you open the door adds 15 mins to your cooking time. Electric smokers have a much better temperature control but..... they have a much harder time re-establishing the set temperature. Its like an electric stove verses a gas one.

    Second, did you check the smoker's temp calibration before starting to cook on it?

    Those two would be my first guesses. And it is Possible although not probable you may have gotten those mysterious tuff ribs. Afte the 2 hour wrap the ribs should have been near fall off the bone at that time.
  6. webowabo

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    Great question Foam!!!!!. the peeping tom Thing... .. I (probably still do it to this day) am way to impatient... and I gotta have pictures (or I get yelled at on here.. hehe ) so the doors.. lids.. drawers open often... hehe.
  7. badbode

    badbode Fire Starter

    The MES is new and has the window so I could still see through the window so I didn't have to open the door.

    I didn't check the actual temps, not sure how to do that either. I just watched the remote temp thermometer, I'm just not sure how accurate it is.

    I used to (please don't kill me) boil the ribs for a few hours then put them on the grill and they were the best I've ever eaten with the exception that the boil masked the flavor of the meat, so i want to learn to truly smoke them. I use the same ribs from SAMs every time and have never gotten a bad batch.
  8. spiketus54

    spiketus54 Newbie

    Love the Sams ribs! Use them all the time myself and have never had a problem with the meat itself (usually just me messing them up if they come out bad). I do mine a little different... I have a UDS and a big trailer sized horizontal offset that I have used this process on and it works for me.

    I go 3 hrs in the smoker in the range of 220-240 bone-side down. I find that it doesn't really matter where you are in that range as long as the temp STAYS THERE (e.g. a constant 240 will give you as good of an end result as a constant 220) I spray them down with a half-n-half mixture of apple juice and white vinegar every hour on the hour. At 3 hrs, I take them out, rub down the meat with just a little brown sugar (you may or may not want to do this depending on the sweetness already in your rub). Lay the meat side down on a big sheet of foil, splash a little apple juice in there, and wrap it up. Throw the ribs back on the smoker for another hour and a half (still bone-side down). At that point you can pull them out and throw a little extra rub on if you want to eat them dry Memphis-style. If you want to go wet then baste them with sauce on both sides and throw them back bone-side down onto the smoker for 10 mins. You can then throw another layer of sauce on for another 10 mins or just take them out and eat. It's also a good habit to let them rest about 10 mins before cutting them up and digging in... but I can't say I always have the patience to do that.
  9. Next cook try some chicken. it is very forgiving. You for sure have a temp problem!!!

  10. geerock

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    You need to verify your cook temp. MES controllers are notorious for being way off. Your readout may say 225 and you could be cooking at 195. MES should be paired up with two accessories........ an AMAZN smoke tray and a maverick temp monitor. Then you'll have a true set and forget cooker. BTW nothing wrong with throwing a little liquid in a foil pan with undercooked ribs and covering with foil to finish in the oven.
  11. dirtsailor2003

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    You need to check the temp of your MES. Most if us use a remote digital therm too motor both the cooker temp and the internal
    Temp of the meat. Make sure though that when you get your digital therms they are accurate too. To test put the tip of the probes in boiling water. You should read 212* or close. Place in ice water should read 32* or close. Then place in your smoker and see what they read. Everything you've mentioned points to under cooked ribs and a to low smoke chamber temp. When I do the 2-2-1 or 3-2-1 methods my smoker is running around 265*. Of course it takes less time as compared to a 250* or less smoke chamber.
  12. Have a MES 40 2nd gen. Purchased the AMNPS and Maverick ET 732 based on reading this great forum. Used the AMNPS for 2nd time today doing a 4 lb butt and it worked great. Used the Maverick for the first time today as the first smoke was pork loin earlier in the week and it came out very under done. Anywyay, I checked the maverick with a "open box" thermapen i just got yesterday. The maverick seems to read within 2 - 3 degrees of the thermapen on both probes. To maintain 235 on the maverick while doing the butt today I had to set the MES to 260. Maverick fluctuated between 230 and 240 for 230 average. Long story short, the MES runs about 20 - 25 degrees low on the control probe. The MES meat probe, on the other hand is only about 8 degrees off from the thermapen.

    I highly recommend the AMNPS, Maverick ET 732 and if you can swing it, a Thermapen! I feel much more confident now knowing for sure what my MES is doing!
  13. badbode

    badbode Fire Starter

    Thank you for this info. Can you tell me where you got the AMNPS, Maverick ET 732 and the Thermapen from?

    If i can find these items local, I'm going to attempt a pork butt this weekend.

  14. heyer5

    heyer5 Meat Mopper

  15. As already stated, got the AMNPS and Maverick from Todd... service is fast and prices are great! Some good people post on the forum when Thermaworks has an "open box" sale on the their thermapens. Got mine last week for $70 and can't tell why it was an "open box" item... was packed as if brand new and looks and works great with a calibration certificate. Not cheap, but gives you a great tool and a standard to compare your other thermometers to.  Good Smokin' to all!
  16. [​IMG]   I sure hope you got one of the fast colors!!  [​IMG]      [​IMG]
  17. foamheart

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    Ok, so which colors are slow? 

  18. Sorry - they only had "plain ol' white" left at the sale price [​IMG]
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  19. Generally white is known as the slowest color... 

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