Tri tip beef preparation

Discussion in 'Beef' started by kmitch007, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. I am about to smoke a tri tip and I wanted to know if anyone brined their tri tip prior to smoking. Also if brining is recommended what is the ingredients in the brine.
  2. I never brine a tri tip.  Marinate and smoke it....or grill it.  IT of 130F then let rest a half hour covered to bring to 135F then slice against the grain and enjoy!!!!

  3. Thanks for the tip, Bro
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    A bit of Worcestershire, salt pepper, onoin garlic and you're good to go! A mix of Cherry and pecan is a good choice for your wood. I'll be smoking 2 tri-tips this weekend along with Scarbelly wings, ABTS, and Pork shots! 
  5. I will use the thick Worcestershire when marinating tri tips.  SPOG is always a good choice for this cut of meat. 

    I use Pecan and Cherry as well.  If I want a heavier smoke I will use Hickory


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