Trailer rig- to narrow or not?

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  1. Good Morning all!

    I am in the process of a 500 gal trailer rig. Approximate dimensions of the tank is 37” dia x 10’ long. I scored an incredible deal on a boat trailer that once held a 17’ wooden chriscraft. The trailer looks like it’s been splashed in the saltwater maybe 5 times ever…leaf springs still have stickers, tires still have hair on them, you name it. Anyways, I’m debating narrowing the trailer to be closer to the tank dimensions, or leaving it wide. Here’s where things stand:

    Outside frame rail to outside frame rail is 6’4”. This leaves about 19” on each side of the trailer. This seems like it would be a good amount of space not only for standing to use the smoker, but provide tons of storage for when going down the road. That being said, the smoker has pull out shelves that would reach past the wheel wells. I’m thinking if I narrow the trailer, I would make approx. 4’ frame rail to frame rail, making the whole trailer easier to maneuver into a backyard/tight driveways, etc. Disregarding the galvanized hiccup… is it worth the work to narrow the trailer?  Looking through most people’s builds they’ve either modified utility trailers, or built from scratch.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Do you have a scetch of what your looking at.

    Personally I would set the tank to one side to build a storage box on the opposite side

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