Traditional American Christmas food

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  1. andymiddle

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    Hi guys. I am the headchef at a family run smokehouse in England and am in need of advice for our Christmas menu. Last year I smoked turkeys with collared greens etc. This year however I am trying to stay away from Turkey and showcase traditional American Christmas smoked food and sides. Any ideas guys? Cheers
  2. Prime rib of beef is always a winner
  3. okie362

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    Prime Rib and Ham come to mind for me.  
  4. xray

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    Ham and keibasa are holiday staples in my family.
  5. jirod

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    Ham, we always had ham and turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas (grandpa and uncle wouldn't touch a turkey).  Have done Bear's double smoked ham the last couple years for the family and they love it.

    Green bean casserole and mashed potatoes and gravy are always best sides in my opinion.
  6. phatbac

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    The last 3 years we have done spare ribs ( not traditional) but i think this year we are doing a prime rib on the smoker. Cant Wait!

    Around where i live the traditional American Christmas Dinner is Ham or Turkey with mash potatoes and green beans things like that.

    Happy Smoking

  7. Growing up it was always Ham & Kielbasa with sweet potatoes, green beans and sweet bread. I have Xmas at my house these days and it's usually baked stuffed shrimp & beef tenderloin
  8. cats49er

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    In my house we have country ham,baked ham( for those whom don't like the more salty country ham ),turkey,corn bread dressing, turkey gravy.sweet potato casserole or pudding, green bean casserole,cranberry sauce,potato salad,English peas,yeast rolls,3 or 4 types of pies,several cakes,Ambrose,deviled eggs,pickles,cheese's, and several home made candies.
  9. Christmas day is Prime Rib. But we also have a big dinner on Christmas Eve. When you have married Children the split the days with His/Hers parents. I like to do the Italian seven fish dinner(various fish). The big hit with "most \" of the family is stuffed Squid in Pasta Sauce,. with fried shrimp, fish etc. on the side.
  10. zach5483

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    You could do a goose or duck.  Or if poultry isnt your bag, a nice roast or ham.  Maybe some oysters.  

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