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kissing bandit

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Oct 26, 2016
so i went on line found some chickens close to where i live....5 bucks each! Thought what a great he let us process them there...code talk for butcher! haha

Anyway got home that night with our chickens and OMG they were tough as i ground them up with my meat grinder and mixed some pork in with them...i ended up with 17 pounds ground chcicken and pork....made greek meat balls tonight...fantastic!:)

I was looking online tonight a guy has roosters for 3 bucks each.....8 of them. Bone them out right there and grind when i get home. Roosters and egg laying hens are on sale right one wants to feed them for the winter and if a guy can get a good deal...why not? Getting pretty good at skinning chickens now...haha.
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Thanks for the post.  I used it to do some research on local sales of live animals.  It has been decades since I "processed" a live chicken on my dad's family farm, now long gone.  Your post gave me some ideas. 

Sadly, I learned a local livestock auction that had been in my town for sixty years shut down a few years ago.  The main facility is still a farmer's market for veggies and fruit, plus a swap meet, but the auction is gone.     
thanks for the reply.....i went out tonight and got 6 ducks...FREE!:)

they are in the fridge resting right some jerky mix and plan on a big batch.

my freind plans to trade me for some of her canning....pickels i think.

im sorry no pics..ill do my best to up load some of the jerky process. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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