todays shenanigans

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Mar 13, 2013
today's creation is a 2.5 boneless roast injected with maple syrup then seasoned with longhorn steakhouse seasoning and will be wrapped with cob smoked turkey bacon that's been sitting in maple syrup. Then into the smoker for another off the wall late lunch before tonight's bowling.

But it all started with breakfast and not green eggs and ham but brown eggs and cob smoked turkey bacon lol

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lol sorry folks i ran short on time and pulled it a little quicker than i wanted so by the family's standards it was a bit under cooked. i found it pretty tender but little chewy and over all it was very tasty and had a hint of maple flavor. I cooked with apple and cherry and will try it again in hopes of cooking longer but also I believe i need a better probe also as my nice wireless one got left out on the rain and im using a cheap grocery store model so that might be off also on my internal temps some

it took the smoke very well and was very good. i took the bacon off awhile before i wrapped it and put it back on when i wrapped it. i did that because many times the bacon takes so much smoke its not even edible when im done lol
had a couple pieces and some bacon left so this morning i cut it up and cooked it with garlic and onions. We also had horse radish mac salad with dinner last night is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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