Today's Dino Rib & a Couple More

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Oct 17, 2014
Gilbert, AZ
About time to post up something a bit more relevant that jokes, so here we go! On the Weber this morning with the chain and some hickory chunks all set up, single huge dino rib, just seasoned with sea salt and CBP

About three hours in, lookin' good, tossed on a yam.

Pulled at a IT of 204º, foiled and rested wrapped in a towel -cooler for 45 minutes. Melt in your mouth tender and juicy. plated up with that yam and some spargees, perfect!


Been doing a ton of Vortex bird legs, forgotten all about wings, more meat for 1/3 the $$$, yummy!



A little CPB sirloin roast gifted to me awhile back by my good friend Robert, tx smoker tx smoker . Never knew this cut packed that kind of flavor and tenderness, quality talks!


Maybe a nice porterhouse incorporating the Vortex, a few shrooms to boot!






A hickory smoked leg-o-lamb



Or just some plain old lamb chops



I reckon y'all get the gist of this post, a 22" Weber will do most anything. I sold my offset a few months back, got a 26" Weber I've used once. The best tool in the box doesn't have to be the prettiest or the most expensive, just the one that gets the job done right every time. Thanks for lookin' in and stay safe out there, the stuff ain't over and may never will be. RAY
Amazing looking plates. I've about given up on getting a offset. Might just get another kettle. as youve showed, they are just so darn versatile.
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Everything looks great Ray. I just used my 22 last weekend . First time since I bought the pellet grill .
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Man Ray that is one smorgasbord of goodness!! Nailed all those cooks. You’ve really given the Weber Kettle a workout. Those bird legs are a heck of a value and can be done up just like wings for sure
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Now that there is some fine looking Kettle cooks.

Point for sure
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Those are some top notch cooks there Ray, nice job man! Some seriously good looking eats and I’d have licked the plates clean on em all! :emoji_wink:
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Wow! Those QViews were like a Tarantino movie! You never know what’s going to happen next, but you know you’ll love it! Amazing cooks Ray. I still love my Kettles, my favorite meals and memories by far.
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Man, I think I'm in a meat coma. That all looks outstanding.

Don't be getting in any kind of coma there Doug, we're just smokin' meat, it what we do here! RAY

Amazing looking plates. I've about given up on getting a offset. Might just get another kettle. as you've showed, they are just so darn versatile. Jim

Thank Jim! I don't miss my SQ36 one bit and was happy to see it go. I got the 26"er just for smokin', haven't had a big enough crowd around to get it broke in right. Thanks for the Like Jim, I appreciate it. RAY

Some outstanding looking meals ya have there Ray! Nice job on all of it! Have always loved your cooks! (And bun recipes) . And still love your jokes! Ryan

Thanks Ryan! I figure to cut back on the cook posts a bit and let all the newbs have a run, let's see what they got. The jokes never stop, tho a major contributor and dear friend went to heaven a couple of weeks back, there's only five of us circulators in my crowd left. Thanks for the Like Ryan, I do appreciate it. RAY

I don't know where to start, Ray, but I'll take a plate of each, thank you...:emoji_grinning:

Thank you Charles! I try to eat a balanced diet tho carb-cutting is definitely in future plans. Not really that big a deal to me, always been a meat and veggies guy. Thanks for the Like Charles, I do appreciate it. RAY

Good grief Ray, thats fabulous. You are eating well, and that’s good to know. Man, that all looks delicious.

Thanks Edge! As we age we don't eat as much, might as well enjoy the best we can! RAY

That's some fine looking meals there RAY ! Everything looks perfect.

Thank you! I'm finally beginning to get the hang of this stuff, tho "perfect" doesn't come around very often. Thank you for the Like, I do appreciate it. RAY
Sorry to hear about your friend Ray! We all still need smile and laugh makers in our lives! It has a healing power!

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One awesome meal after a other Ray! You’re definitely batting 1.000 on the kettle. I just can’t get over the size of that dino rib! That’s something for Fred Flintstone!
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All looks Great, Ray!!
And that's using the old Bean too!! I haven't made the Meatless, overpriced Wings in many years!!!
Drums & Thighs Rock!!
Nice Jobs!

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