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  1. My girlfriend and i are planning to have a weeks vacation in southern texas and are wondering what some of the best beaches are around. ideally we are looking for a hotel directly on the beach, and i have an interest in the barbeque food and would like to know the best places for barbeques smoked meats stand or restaurants. i am looking to open my own smoker buisness and am wanting to do a little research on the vacation.
    sept 9 to 15
  2. ajthepoolman

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    My wife grew up on South Padre Island. I have been there three times with her.

    I have not eaten at a BBQ joint while down there. Mexican food is the king down there. The seafood is amazing too. I thought that the frozen shrimp that Red Lobster serves were pretty good, until I went down there and had such fresh seafood that you could practically taste the sea water in it.

    I'm not helping am I? :D

    You won't have any problem finding a hotel down there. The island has a ton of them.
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    You'll be going after school starts, so the rates will be better too. South Padre is where you want to go, though. ajthepoolman is right about Mexican food being King. That and seafood. When in Rome, do like the Romans and eat the seafood. How about 10-15 count shrimp? They are huge and will be in season when you are there.
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    if ya want laid back small town atmosphere.. port aransas is it. you can go to corpus christi to the texas state aquarium or go aboard the uss lexington or just lay on the beach (you can drive on the beach there. here's a couple links of things. thats the local paper. and here's a corpus site. as far as bbq there's mac's pit bbq- it's about the best around.
  5. i was thinkin galveston beach but lookin for nice water,beach and good good smoked meat .lookin 4 info on smoking bizzzzzz.
  6. gypsyseagod

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    like they said it's all seafood & mexican - i gave ya the best bbq in 200 miles. but if ya want small town family atmosphere- port aransas. if ya want tourist & crackheads- galveston. ya want wannabee disney world- then so. padre. pm me & i'll even give ya my home phone - if ya want a really great time go to port A.- corpus christi- i guarantee ya will love it better than anywhere else & if ya wanna go fish - here's my partner.. we catch it all.... here's his site. here's the chamber of commerce site. i am proud of my home town & i won't steer ya wrong on tourist crap
  7. i'm looking in 2 flying but dont on if i can get a car ez . where is the best airport to come in to
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    You can probably fly into San Antonio and catch a puddle jumper to Corpus, then drive from there if you go to Port A. That's a much better choice than Galveston, I guarantee! I grew up going down to Galveston and the beach is brown, the water murky brown, and they used to have tar all over the beaches. If you want to go to a Texas beach, the farther south you go, the better.

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