Tips for Using the New Forum

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Jun 28, 2005
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I am not sure how everyone is using the forum.. how you find new posts, how you see who is online, etc. etc. but after completely integrating the old forum data into the new one and getting into the nuts and bolts of it, I feel that I may have some insight into the best way to maneuver throughout the forum.

Here are a few tips:

Best Way to See New Posts
  • Set your homepage to and use the center block just below the news to see what new posts have been submitted. I have it set to show 25 of the latest topics and in my opinion, that works better than hitting the New Posts.

Who is Online Right Now?
  • Directly to the right of the Latest Topics you can see who is online right now. To see where they are in the forum just click on the "Currently Active: XX link just below the Who's Online heading.
Who is On Chat Right Now?
  • To see who is on chat (without logging into chat) Look in the box directly below Who's Online. The chat block will show each room and who is in each one.
Customize You User Title, Signature, Etc.
  • Express yourself a little bit by having a unique signature, a great avatar and a great user title under your Username. To change your user Title from the default click on UserCP in the top left Navbar and then on Edit Profile. In the Custom User Title block type in a unique slogan, phrase or something that tells us more about you. Allows up to 25 characters so spend some time on this since quality is more important that quantity.
I will add to this as I think of things.. until then.. enjoy and if you have any problems just shoot me a PM with a short, definitive title and I will get to it.

Just added Who's on Chat to a block just below Who's online on the right side of the home page for great visibility
i dont know how to improve it--
when i use the search in new forum---
looking for old posts---
that i know are there..
i get many different anwsers...

such as searhing for my turkey chorizo post..
many others come up...
when i go to the pork section --
in smoking meat and other things--
or the sausage section...
it only shows posts from 2007---

is all prior posts gone?????

what about the f a q section???
Click on Pork Forum (or any forum)

Under threads at bottom, set Display Options to show threads from "Beginning" or "Last Year".. I think it defaults to last month.

You should also be able to set how many threads to default to on your UserCP page under Edit Options.
Hi Jeff,
I really feel like a dilbert on the picture posting process. I really envy those who post great pictures of wonderful Q. How about a quick tutorial on posting pictures.
Your right GoFish
. I was going to ask if we could get a box up to show who was on chat without having to go inside and this morning it is there.

I guess jrollins wasn't around during the Error 505 phase of the old board

I'm getting a little bit old and definitly set in my ways, but I am managing to find my way around slowly and starting to like the new board a lot.
i like how i can click on any name on a reply and find their other posts and threads. helps when i want to know if i've already said that somewhere. and if did where and when so i can send it to someone wanting that info.
this site is very helpful in navigation. thanks jeff
I know it's me, but every time I come here I struggle to find what I'm looking for, such as: "Elec Smokers" and stuff like that. One time, it's right there in front of me, the next I can't find it to save me. Any help? (Beyond psychiatry! My health plan won't cover.)
I've only been on the forum for a couple of months so I guess I was in the learning stage of navigating the site. I'm not having any trouble with the new layout and it seems to satisfy what I do with the forum. The changes I have noticed seem to be moving in the right direction.
I am learning my way around and it isn't that much different. Now I can't get the remember me function to work so I have to manually log in each time. Minor stuff.

Hey Hank , you might be openning the place up with the recent posts screen. Go to the top left under the "Smoking Meat Forums" banner and it will have a "Forums" button next to your "User CP" click on that and see if it gets ya where ya want to go.
lol, ya think he's still waiting for a reply after two years Dawn?
Sorry I couldn't help myself :)
But in retrospect, reference to tech stuff is a good for the new members.
Hope you're feeling
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