Time for a little Drool-View!!

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Jun 21, 2009
The North Coast of Ohio
So I was cutting some meat the other day and got out a USDA Select grade boneless striploin. I was making some value packs for the case.

Well when I made the first cut I started drooling!
 I thought " I have got to take a picture of these to share with all my buds!"
Sorry about the blurry pics...cell phone was acting up! Thanks for watching! SOB-QTV
not a huge fan of strips but those look nice and all marbly!

I'll take all of them. They almost look like wagu. I'm a ribeye kind of guy but...........
stevo, yup, i'm a rib and filet guy..........

SOB, sounds like you are talking from experiance....
Those are some nice looking strips. You dont find marbling like that very often in that cut of beef. I think I need to switch butchers 
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