thoughts on injecting spicy mustard/vinegar into a chicken

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Meat Mopper
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Jan 31, 2008
Foley, AL
beercan chicken injected w a spicy mustard/vinegar mix......anybody done it?  or even a vinegar based bbq sauce?  thoughts?

I've never done this but i would imagine the vinegar might start to "cook" the internal meat...mustard has a good amount of vinegar in it anyway. I would maybe do a mustard/bourbon injection....bourbons for the smokey/sweet to counter the mustard and thin it out

just my 2 cents
A recent poster was thinking of doing this on a whole hog with some Carolina Dip. Some here inject wings with hot 'juice' for buffalo style hot, why not give it a try. It's chicken....not like ruining a prime rib if it didn't work out for you....Willie
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