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Thought I'd pass this along.

Discussion in 'Blowing Smoke Around the Smoker.' started by smokeitifugotit, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Waiting for kickoff time a couple Sundays ago, I was channel surfing and ran across the following:
    they call it an "Oragami Butcherblock Cart. I was looking for some more space and went ahead and ordered it from THE HOME SHOPPING NETWORK. $99 delivered.
    I was really surprised at how nice the butcher block is.

    here's the best thing about it...it folds up to this:

    Casters are included so you can roll it to wherever you need it. Very nice substantial casters, I might add. Just thought I'd share about something I'm well pleased with.
    Keep on smokin' friends,
  2. Fred

    It looks like it should do a nice job. I like the fold up as well.

    Happy smoken.