This year's deer sausage (lots of photos)

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Dec 8, 2015
St Louis, MO
So we were lucky enough to harvest a big buck and a nice doe and had a lot of meat to process.

As usual we did a lot of sausage. This year was Curly's Ring Bologna and Lem Backwoods Summer sausage, plain, jalapeno, cheese, and jalapeno and cheese, I also did a batch with NFDM which I had never tried before. They turned out great and I will be using it for all my future sausage recipes! 

All sausages were stuffed and left to sit in the fridge overnight. The smoke started at 5:00am and 25 hours later it was all back in the fridge for a day or so before vac sealing.

GOSM gasser and MES 30" electric got their workout.

I used the MES at 100 deg for the first hour to dry then moved to gasser for the final smoking and cook. Temp held at 180 or so to an internal temp of 155 deg.

Here are the pics. Hope you enjoy.

ground beef suet. we do 75/25 for burger and sausage base.

ground pork butt for Curly's ring suasage

Trimming and prep of deer meat

ground deer

smoking summer sausage

smoking ring sausage

hanging to bloom

old faithful

happy fridge

vac sealing

summer sausage money shot

ring sausage money shot

Still one more weekend in the deer season,

next up snack sticks if we're lucky!
SD, Congratz on the deer and that is some great work on the sausage ! 
Hi Smokindeer,

That looks wonderful.    Does adding cheese to a sausage like that effect the length of time it can be stored?    How do you store the rolls once they are vacuum sealed?  Freezer, or can the be put in dry storage?
I usually just vac seal and freeze.

I have had the the summer sausage a year later and it was still delicious. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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