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    Chicken and shrimp on the top, ginger beef and broc on the bottom........
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    I need to get mine fired up soon! I went to use my propane burner and the hose has a hole in it! That ain't gonna work!
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    A little duct tape should fix that. Just keep away from open flames [​IMG]
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    Need to find me a disc. 

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    Me too
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    Yeah you guys do!
  7.    Finding a disc is easy....This is where I got mine...ready to go... I have the 22"er.. But they sell a 24"..Notice in the pic  that it is  well above the flame...because I have a high pressure burner...So, I set it on a old lawn tractor wheel with the hub blown out, its about 10" pretty good! If you are going to buy a burner for one of these, I would suggest a low pressure burner.   Breakfast is real easy on one of these also.   I started out looking at one of those propane griddles. They were over 250$. Upon further investigation, I found these discs...Does the same thing for about 90$ delivered with the burner...I use it all the time. PLUS, guests are impressed when they watch the cooking....ha ha
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    Howdy Thick. 

    Care to share the recipes for those 2 dishes? I'll go knock the dirt of my disc and get started! b
  10. OK..The chicken and shrimp is well, boneless chicken breast cut into large bite size pieces, marinated in chile paste, sesseme oil, garlic ,fish sauce and oyster sauce...for about a hour .Vegetables consist of  onion, snow pea pods, green pepper, can of bean sprouts{ unless you can get fresh] water chestnuts pineapple chunks, bok choi,or nappa cabbage, and scallions....I start peanut oil in the disc...get it hot, add minced garlic...less than a minute...add the marinated chix....fry a few mins. pull it up the side of the disc...add onion, green pepper, pea pods, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, Add cooked and clean shrimp... drained pineapple chunks[canned or fresh] and the cabbage or bok choi.. and the scallions.When its almost done, add a good slug of oyster sauce and shut it off..Serve over rice of your choice  Of course, cooking time depends on how hot the disc is, ingrediants can be added or substituted  or eliminated...and stir, cuz its a stir fry...                                                                                                                                                                                              The beef one was A inside skirt steak, although flank or tri tip could used , cut into bite size pieces, marinate in garlic, fresh ginger, chile paste, hoisin sauce and soy sauce..for at least a hour... get the disc hot, add peanut oil, add minced garlic and minced fresh ginger....add beef....stir and fry, pull up the side....add onion chunks, broccoli spears, and carrot sticks...I made a mix of hoisin, soy and oyster sauce and added it...The amounts and cook time will all depend on you...I usually add some more fresh garlic/ ginger mince near the end, cuz I like it...serve over rice of your choice.....There is no hard and fast recipe.     .Oh yeah, in both of these I will dust the chicken or beef in corn starch and then marinate...I may be forgetting some thing, but like I said, there are no rules....If you like it, put it in, if not, don't.......hope this helps               Hot oil,  aromatics,marinated meat,  cut up vegetables, sauce

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