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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by 3montes, Oct 2, 2016.

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    Thanks for the link!

    I'm sure it's a very good quality therm!

  3. This looks fantastic!  I like my Chef Alarm, but I've always wished it had backlight and that it was wireless.  And I switch the single port between meat and air, so having both - remotely - would be nice.
  4. I wish the transmitter and receiver were switched. I'd rather have the bigger display to look at and the ability to program remotely. I hope the alarms will sound on the receiver at least. I don't need them at the smoker.

    Edit: they do.

    I'll probably wait til 2017 for the WiFi version.
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    I was just logging on today to see if anyone had posted about the new Thermoworks Smoke! So i'll be watching this thread. Curious what anyone has to say after they purchase it and how it compares to the Maverick!

  6. Well, I decided to pull the trigger and pre-order it.  I do wish it had another port or two, but since I have the Chef Alarm, I guess that's ok.  And I imagine the 2017 model (wi fi) will be better, but I'm really looking forward to this.  They say it'll ship October 20th, so I'll let you guys know.
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    It looks really good, Meathead just sent out an email review on it with a video;

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    If anyone in Las Vegas NV, would like one, send me a PM.

    I'm going to be placing an order soon.

    I'll be ordering 5 or more, so they will be $91 instead of $99
  9. Great!  Thanks!
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    Already pre-ordered! I'm a Thermoworks fan already, the new Smoke should be awesome. I called them, and you can order now and upgrade to the WiFi bridge when it comes out. Just need to decide what to Smoke first with it now.
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    Because Themoworks has a reputation of being a far superior product.

    Here is a review. In short, the other products will do, but the Smoke thermometer is built better and will let you know sooner if it is not connected.

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    That video review was pretty convincing to me. My Maverick has recently completely died, and I can't see spending another $60 for another one if there is something out there that actually performs all the functions the Maverick promised, but never quite delivered. Don't get me wrong, the Maverick made me a much better cook and with it I learned that temperature control is one of the most important aspects of cooking. I just was never quite happy with how finicky and frail it was. And it wasn't what I'd call cheap in the least.
    If the Thermoworks unit lives up to the claims, I'd say it's a no brainer.
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    I have four digital cabled probe therms. None are Mav 732, 733 or 735. Two are RF remote. I don't need a digital therm at this point. They all together cost less than the the Mav 732 MSRP. Something needs to fail since mine are all accurate per my elevation with the boiling water test before I buy another digital therm. I would have bought a Mav when I needed therms but too many posts on SMF with probe quality complaints kept me away as as observer rather than an owner.

    This Meat Thermometer forum will hopefully chime in from owners with the Pro Series Thermoworks probes that have been out for the Chef Alarm and Dot Thermoworks owners. I guess no news is good news so knowing who has had problems with Pro Series probes that Smoke comes with would be good. The Pro Series High Heat meat/air probes are $16/$17 before shipping from Thermoworks. If Pro Series probes have been good in the past, then that may offset the higher price of the Smoke.

    The $89 gateway that makes Smoke WiFi coming out in 2017 sounds good but hopefully a person at home can still use the $45 RF remote Smoke comes with and the gateway at the same time. I'm thinking it should be good since you can pair multiple RF remotes with the Smoke if you have a smoker team.
  15. OK, that was informative. Thanks. Some thoughts:

    1. I can see how the heavier, more rugged build would be of value to some. For myself, I don't put my thermometer units through any rough handling, and their light weight means that even if I do drop one of them they're very unlikely to sustain any real damage.
    2. The delay in lost connection notification (~4 mins vs 15 seconds) is not a big deal for me when doing multi-hour smokes. I do agree that knowing about a lost connection sooner is better than knowing about it later...unless that quicker notification comes at the expense of battery life due to more frequent transmissions from the sender to the receiver. I'm not saying that's the case here, but longer delays between transmissions is a common technique for extending the battery life of wireless remote units, so it's something to consider.
    3. I do like the springs where the wires attach to the probes to protect the wires from damage due to sharp bending, and would be willing to pay a couple extra bucks for a quality upgrade like that.
    4. The instant-read capability is of no real value in a leave-in thermometer. I'd be happy to have it for little-to-no extra cost, but I'm not willing to pay for it.

    Overall it does seem like the Smoke is a higher-end product. I guess it's just an individual decision as to whether or not the differences are worth a 67% premium.
  16. What I'd really like to see is a WiFi thermometer that integrates with my SmartThings hub and/or my Amazon Echos so that when I'm upstairs I can ask, "Alexa, what's going on in the smoker?" and have her tell me, "The smoker's temperature is at 226 degrees, and the food's temperature is 184 degrees."

    Yeah, I'm a home automation geek.
  17. sounds great to me!
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    I received my new Thermoworks Smoke this weekend! Used it today and it worked without a flaw. Powered on and connected out of the box. I was able to get all my reading all inside my house with the Smoke thermometer outside at the smoker. Checked the calibration, dead on! I found it easy to use, I have a Chef alarm and was familiar with the similar setup. The remote notifed me when my temps were reached (while upstairs in my bedroom!) My chef alarm probes work with it too. This will work perfectly for me!
  19. dougmays

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    Awesome! good to know! I might have to ask for one of these for xmas!
  20. Man, I'm jealous!  A coworker already has his, too.  For some reason, mine hasn't shipped yet.  :-(  I hope to have it soon, though, and of course, I'll *have* to test it out, right?  :)

    Sounds great from your review, thanks!

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