Winners of the Gone But Not Forgotten Throwdown...

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Sep 15, 2012
I believe that this truly had to be the most difficult throw-down in SMF history. Both emotionally and in the effort participants had to put in researching, replicating and presenting their dishes for all of us to enjoy. Kudos to all who entered, voted, and judged. We may not have had the quantity of entries, but we certainly had the quality. Now on to the winners.

First up: The forum poll voting.

A big congratulations goes out to David DRKsmoking DRKsmoking for his rendition of Foamheart's classic 5 Boned Pork Rib Roast. A truly spectacular entry David.

David has won his choice of multiple prize offerings. Donated by our very own Robert tx smoker tx smoker . David please reach out to Robert for your choice of prize and shipping arrangements.

Here ya go buddy well deserved and let us know which prize you choose.

Finally if any of you out there want to recreate Foamhearts/Davids dish. Here is the original link David used:

Next up:
The winner of the committee voting goes to S Smoke-Chem BBQ for his entry of: Bearcarvers Peanut Butter Meltways. I must say the small bear holding the meltway was a game changer. Nice touch Smoke.


Smoke-Chem BBQ wins a 100.00 gift card from our site sponsor Porter Road.

S Smoke-Chem BBQ please contact TulsaJeff TulsaJeff for your prize, and make sure you let us know what you choose. Again Congratulations on the win, and if anyone reading this would like to make their own meltaways here's the link to bearcarvers meltaways that Smoke-Chem used:

Without further ado I'd also like to highlight our other participants' wonderful entries.

Brian BrianGSDTexoma BrianGSDTexoma entered his version of bearcarvers drums and thighs.

Here's the link to bearcarvers recipe that Brian used:

Cliff clifish clifish entered a wonderful chicken and anduille sausage paella inspired by Richoso1.


Here's the link to Richoso1 paella dish that Cliff used:

civilsmoker civilsmoker used Smokin' in AZ Smokin' in AZ recipe for his delicious entry of Baby Back Ribs

Here's the link:

We've come to the end with netspyder netspyder s most excellent version of Pastrami and Swiss. Inspired by pops6927

Here's the like for pops dish that Netspyder used:

One final thank you to all who participated, voted and judged. A special thank you to all the mods, admins and of course Jeff. For letting us put on these throw-downs and offering us guidance when we need it. I'd also like to give a shout out to Porter Road and Robert for their prize generosity. Without the prizes there wouldn't be any throwdowns.

Robert, Jake it has been a pleasure working with the two of you, and I hope we can continue to grow these throw down together and our friendship.

Stay tuned the next throw-down is just around the corner.

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Congrats guys . Nice job all around , but for me BrianGSDTexoma BrianGSDTexoma nailed it .
One look and I knew that was it . Spot on . Very nice Brian . Looks just like something John would do .
Thank You Rich. This throwdown was very close to my heart. These folks gave so much to this forum and what a great way to honor them. I took John's passing hard. He taught me so many things. He just felt like family. I will be doing something for Chef Jimmy soon. Jimmy also taught me a lot and is dearly missed as is everyone!
Congrats all! Great entries. Sorry I didn’t have time to participate this time around. I do hope we see this then again yet this year. Such a cool way to compete while celebrating those who are gone now that contributed so much here.
Congrats to all the winners and participants! You all did a tremendous job! I visited several times before voting! I too loved the bear in the meltaways entry!

:emoji_clap:Congrats to the winners and to everyone that did an honor entry.

I had a very hard time choosing a past member to honor, but I ended up choosing to honor John Smokin' in AZ Smokin' in AZ simple rib smoke, because to me it just hit home that we all love to smoke and enjoy the simple things in life. John was always complementary of many of my posts and he is missed as are the many others!

Thanks to committee and judges this was a very rewarding throwdown and an opportunity to look back on past posts and see how we all got to where we are today :emoji_call_me:
Congrats to the winners.....I almost didnt vote in this one. The competition in my head was almost too close. Heck you all did such a great job of representing the folks we've lost.

Congrats to the winners! All entries were great and a hard decision to vote on just one! Hats off to all who submitted an entry!

I will echo what jcam222 jcam222 said… I too did not have the time to participate in this one and hope it is revisited at some point!
Until I joined this forum I thought I was unique in liking cream of chicken over taters. It's in all of my holiday gravies as a component.

Those cinnamon sweet taters were my deciding factor though. Like a pie without the crust. Yum!

Ya'll all rock.
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I first must remember John/Bearcarver, with thanks not just for the great Meltaways recipe, but also for all of the other recipes and general inspiration he provided over the years.

Next, thanks to the sponsors, organizers and judges for giving me a chance to make meltaways again, and drawing out all of the other great entries in the contest. It was fun watching DRKsmoking DRKsmoking 's lead get wider, and wider, and wider over the course of the voting.

Thanks to all who voted. If you haven't already, I hope you get to try Bear's meltaway recipe, as linked above. It also works very well with milk chocolate and white chocolate chips, if you don't want to use the melting wafers from the original recipe. My only small contribution was figuring out that in the absence of a candy funnel, a bottom-drain fat separator works great for filling the candy cups with the molten chocolate/peanut butter mix.
Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 3.18.51 PM.png
Finally, the bear carving...I was given that in junior high, and for most of my life it sat on my dresser, the metal cup filled with dusty tie clips and lapel pins. It was only after I picked Bear's meltaways recipe for the contest that I remembered I'd never unpacked it after my last move...which sent me on a spirited search to figure out what box it was in. I'm glad I found it, as the carved bear's arms were exactly the right size to cradle one of Bear's candies.
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To each of you, your Remembrance submittals were well chosen and expertly re-created. My hat is off to you all!
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Congratulations to all. Lot of memories to go around and a great tribute to those we have lost.
Wow! Congrats to everyone! This is one I definitely wanted to enter, but just couldn't pull off. I’m so happy to see the entries and remember our brothers. You all did an amazing job, congratulations!
Fantastic Tribute to our Past Members that will always be with us !!

First off thank you for the votes . I am always honored that you folks vote for the meals/ foods that I post and enter in these throwdowns.
They are meant as a fun competition for us all as members to join in and try to build or cook a nice presentation.

But this one was extra special, to showcase cooks from our past but always with us members.
This was a very good throwdown as it showed some great cooks of said honored members .

I had interactions with 3 very knowledgeable and over the top helpful members John Bearcarver Bearcarver , JJ chef jimmyj chef jimmyj , Kevin foamheart foamheart .
John and I talked quite often and more on life and fishing and of coarse carpentry etc, And chef jimmy was always there for a helping suggestion or a try this next time.
Than Kevin always made me laugh and just reading his posts made me laugh , and his down to earth talk, wish I had known him more
Will think of Kevin when I make my preserves , and a couple recipes I got from him.
Like he would say.
" besides it's about relaxing with a cold beer and telling lies "

So I looked through all 3 of their posts of meals cooks, and it was hard because I wanted to try something I have not done and was interesting.

It was a toss up between one of Kevin's great chickens or this pork roast, and this one caught my eye and I had to try it out.

Again thank you all that voted for all of us and to all that entered.

To Jake TNJAKE TNJAKE , Chris gmc2003 gmc2003 , Doug DougE DougE And to the donated prizes from Robert tx smoker tx smoker , and Porter Road, Thank You

And to Jeff TulsaJeff TulsaJeff for letting this happen, it is a lot of fun.

Always thankful
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