Thermapen? Not an option... recommendation on cheaper instant read thermometers

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  1. I am not really interested in shelling out the cash for a Thermapen. I get that it might be a great tool but I just cant justtify the cost right now.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a quality instant read thermometer under $30? I know there are a bunch at every Target, WalMart, etc ranging from $10-$40 but I dont want to waste $ on something unreliable.
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    I bought the Maverick Pro Temp PT100.It works great also alot cheaper then the Thermapen.I know it is not under $40 but well worth every penny I did pay.I use and depend on my Pro Temp more then any of my other temps..ET733 and Tel Trus I only use for my smoker temps.The Pro Temp I use for the Smoker,Grill and Kitchen when cooking raw milk for Cheese.

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    This works great,  3-4  second read out.
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  5. If you are looking to save money, consider a slower reading thermometer (7-9 seconds).  Just about everything made by Polder tends to be accurate.  Many stores carry that brand and they are inexpensive.  And as always, boil test every thermometer you buy; even the expensive ones can be mis-manufactured.
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    Look at Cooper Atkin's  DPP400W.   $17 on Amazon.
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    I bought an Accurite at WalMart for $10 and it works just fine, comes to temp in about 5-6 seconds. Perfect for me 'cause I'm cheap.
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    Amen Brother.  I picked up a no-name digital food probe at the grocery store or Amazon years ago for like $8 or $10.  The trick for mine is to stick it in the meat before you turn it on.  Reads final temp in under 10 seconds.     
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     Yep I have the smaller Mini - Thermo pen, pocket size not 3 sec reading but 5 sec reading works great for me and was like 24.00 Check out their web site. You DONT have to go spendy to get a good one.

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

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    I realize that times can be tough, therefore I suggest going to a Restaurant supply or a store that sells the little therms. like you see coos use. You may find one at your local grocery (hanging off the shelves). They are cheap,about $4 and usually have a nut on bottom for calibrating. they are not 'instant' read , but 2-3 sec. to get your temp.

    Have fun and . . .
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    I agree, I have been eyeballing the thermo pop for some time now. Cause I can't at this time put out $98 for its counterpart. However this should be my last purchase I get to accompany my maverick. "Yeah right".
  13. Thermo Pop all the way.
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    People like the thermopop because the like saying "pop" and it looks like a tootsie pop. lol    Thermoworks has cheaper faster therms but if you want a "cute" name go thermopop. :)
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    I bought this for $60 from a BBQ school I attended on day and it's the best truly instant read therm I've ever owned. We use it more in the kitchen than for grilling and smoking.®-folding-thermocouple-thermometer-red
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    I bought one of these Extech39272 thermometer for $39.99 w/free shipping).

    about 3 years ago and been using it ever since no problems.

    Jerry S.
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    For an extra ten bucks?  I like that one!   [​IMG]

    Good luck and good smoking.

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