The wife put me on a diet!

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Meat Mopper
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Sep 17, 2009
Seminole, Oklahoma
I did a low calorie diet last year and got down pretty low.  THEN, I discovered how much I love to smoke and I put all my weight back on, plus a few pounds!  Im a week in and Im craving the smell of smoke like you wouldn't believe! There isn't anything calorie friendly that I can think of other than chicken.  My idea is to use this diet time to perfect my chicken thighs!  Anyone else know any low calorie foods that can be smoked?
Pork loins are very lean.... just make sure you don't over cooke them. Can do a lot of veggies as well.
anything can be low cal it all depends on what you put in your rubs and sauces.Try to leave out the sugars and anything high in can still have great bbq with just salt,pepper and garlic.

Well if I were you I would go on the no carb diet. thats the one my wife is on and she has lost alot of weight. Now you can eat all the red meat or any meat you want to but there's always some downfall. No breads or pasta and some other stuff that I can't recall. Now I always thought that smoked meat was better for you since the fat drips out. Well a butt wouldn't be that good for your waist would it. Ok maybe thats why I'm a fat kid.
Ok I am thinking pork loins and turkey off the top of my head and what about fish?   You could also do chicken sausage
tomatoes, garlic, onions and jalapenos for salsa to top smoked fish, chicken or shrimp.....

smoked stuffed peppers (bell) with rice and mushrooms......

smoked ground turkey spiced for pita, hummus, cukes and tomatoes..........
Ok so you have the address and you aint doing nothing else right now - I will give ya room and board and buy ya some cigars cause I am working 14 hour days 
just sittin' bringing me smokes and workin  on the track   all them hours and such...........
I'm thinking stay on your diet Mon-Fri., then on the weekend smoke something you like, just don't eat too much of it. Have your friends over so there are no leftovers.
Do things like adding smoked chicken to a salad, or stuffed bellpeppers but stuff them with a mix of grains (like barley or quinowa) and herbs with a little bit of smoked meat and maranera sauce instead of cheese and rice.

Don't forget fish either. Fish has can be great smoked.... mmmmm.
I'm with mballi on this one.  Try the low carb diet.  It's a carnivores dream.  All the meat and green stuff you can handle.  You just have to give up the bread/pasta/rice and sweets.  I'm on the South Beach diet as we speak and have dropped about 25 lbs.  You can get the book at Walmart for about 7 bucks.  Giver er a try.  I can't do the low-cal diet thing.  Too much suffering. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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