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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by awol007, Oct 19, 2015.

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    Always wanted a nice wooden outdoor smoker so I decided to build one, but when coming up with the design I decided to make a Tardis Smoker. With the Tardis being half scale. So it's about 4 feet tall (a little taller with the vent at the top.) It's modular construction, so it can be taken apart and rebuilt really easy -- although I'm going to secure the final product before I start to cook :)

    This is what it looks like in pieces. I built it so it could be easily moved or transported. Not that I plan on taking it anywhere but I thought I make it so I could build more if anyone wanted one.

    Both doors open outward (instead of inward) so I can get stuff in and out easier.

    The front windows are glass and it sits on cinder blocks. To the right of the Tardis you'll notice some more blocks which I am working on the firebox for indirect heat. It still needs some work and I have more info up on the RPF forum where I posted my build if you want to check it out:

    I'll update more progress as I get closer. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are much appreciated.
  2. That is great! My son might even want to start smoking if he had something like this!! [​IMG]
  3. foamheart

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    For years I have been thinking of a Darlek UDS type smoker build.

    Been a fan for more years than I'd admit in public. Well, since late night Dr. viewing was just before the TV stations signed off for the night. Remember that test pattern, the planes flying over the flag and the announcer saying until tomorrow, goodnight, ( and it was really the same morning). Saturday night you got one extra "horror" movie and maybe a Dr Who, maybe an old Commando-Cody, or Flash Gordon etc. etc. etc...... 

    Great idea and a nice looking addition to the back yard.

    Have a sonic screwdriver temperature sensing device?


    Yeppers, that's nerd/geek cool!
  4. bmaddox

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    Soooo since it is modular when are you shipping one to me?!?!

    I would love to have that (even though my wife would kill me for putting a tardis in the back yard). 

    Great job on the build. 
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  5. bmaddox

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    I smell a million dollar idea right there! 
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    OMG!  My Daughter is one of you! She goes bananas for anything Dr. Who! She has one of my MES40's but would be over in a second for that Smoker. Start selling and I know more than one buyer!...JJ
  8. bmaddox

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  9. foamheart

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    Smithfield and Armor both have plants inside and I hear the Keebler Elves are in negotiations for a Primitive wood façade..

    I like the idea of a full sized Tardis ! Now would that be cool or what!. With rotating top light, a sonic screwdriver therm-o-pen...... Oh yeah!

    Can't you hear all the wives bitching then.... "You think you are putting that monstrosity in MY back yard"? "I'll put your pillow on the couch!"
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  10. awol007

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    Sorry, neglected this thread for a bit, I shouldn't have. I'd be more than happy to build some more. Just PM me. I have been working on the smoke box too so I'll post more pics on that. But I must say, I love every time I pull up the driveway and see it.
  11. awol007

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    I was actually thinking about making the "St Johns Ambulance" sign on it the internal temp readout. But the screwdriver would be a great meat thermometer.
  12. awol007

    awol007 Newbie

    If you'd like a half size tardis or would like help with your own build let me know.
  13. awol007

    awol007 Newbie

    I built a full size one too! It's the bathroom in my shop/cave. If you'd like help building one let me know. I also built this one to come apart easily (however I secured it together pretty good in the end.

    I have a lamp on the top and the toilet paper holder is a 3D printer sonic screwdriver.

    I had a pic on my phone when I was building them:
    The smaller one to left is the smoker.
  14. That's so awesome! Love the show.
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  15. dward51

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    I love it.

    Bigger on the inside so you can smoke more meat at once, and you can put the meat in and take out a completed smoke 20 seconds later thanks to the "T" part of TARDIS.  Never worry about a pork butt stall delaying dinner again.  It's all relative.
  16. You know, I was thinking about sending my daughter to SMF to learn about smoking, curing ect. She is very into the homemade thing. But she is also a huge Whovian. My fault. I also am a big fan, but I introduced her it over the top. If she comes here and sees this...I got hell to pay. Bad enough I'm entertaining the thought of painting the ECB to look like R2D2, she will ride my --- til I build her one.

     If you are going to have a separate firebox, may I suggest K9 or Darlek
  17. awol007

    awol007 Newbie

    Let me know if i can help with the build (hints or ideas) or if you'd like me to build you one. Would be a great christmas gift for the Doctor fan.

    My firebox is just cinder blocks with a metal roof and 6" pipe that i had left over from my shops wood burner. I did think about doing something themed with it (the K-9 is a great idea by the way) but in the end its just borning brick and stuff :(
  18. awol007

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    [quote name="davesfroggen" url="/t/236561/the-tardis-smoker"]That's so awesome![/quote]

    Thank you, thank you. It was a lot of fun to build.
  19. awol007

    awol007 Newbie

    Just wanted to revisit this. I post a video of it up on Facebook if anyone is interested. I'll be posting more there too. I lined the inside with thick foil and it seems to keep the temp just right. It's been working like a charm all summer.
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  20. rabbithutch

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    The Doctor is PROUD!!!!!!

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