"The Steakager"

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    Hmmmmm, you try it first and write a review!!! It's like my old Plt Sgt used to say,"Men, all of you are going out. Most of you ain't coming back!" 5 points if you name that movie.
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    Im sure it works but I have seen methods that use salt and disposable pans. I also have used the dry bag system and it works great. I don't know that I would pay for that knowing that the salt method is out there and the dry bag system works great. With these 2 I can use any size meat. Looks like this unit your looking at would have limits as too the size of the meat you can place into it.
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    They neglect to say that Dry Aging involves loss. They give the impression you can stick a 3/4" Walmart Steak in there and 2 weeks later have an 1 1/2" of Prime Restaurant Quality NY Strip. Try that and the result will be less than a 1/2" of Jerky. The best result comes from dry aging whole cuts, Primals or Sides where enzymes perform the magic inside and there is just a little surface waste to be trimmed...JJ
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    $200 for a box that takes space in your fridge? One can buy a new mini fridge for less - that works for beef aging.
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    Movie ... "dazed and confused"
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    A little older than that....Emilio Estevez Was in it.
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    I got a steakager about a month ago. I'm about 15 days into a 45 day bone in ribeye. This unit is legit as far as I'm concerned and from what I've seen. I personally know 1 person that has one, he actually now has 2, he told me about it and I got one. I have not eaten a steak yet from it but based on everything I've seen come from them from members of their page it looks like an awesome unit. The price will pay for itself on the first couple roasts you do if you buy dry aged meat which is usually around $25 lb. I'll be happy to share any info I have if anyone's interested.
  9. Mighty Ducks?
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    Pork Chop Hill would be my guess.
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    So you decided by a video you didn't watch that it's a piece of crap? Tell me why.
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    Certainly, although this is my opinion only. 

    I did watch most of the video, just saw no need to watch it to the end.

    It is common knowledge that when dry aging beef that it takes a minimum of 21 days before a flavor change begins. Prior to that, it is only tenderizing.

    It takes a good amount of space up in the fridge when all is needed is a rack within a cooling unit with good air circulation. Most modern day refrigerators do that. I you have enough room for the unit, you have enough room to age one without it.

    I am certain that your roast will turn out fine after 45 days in your unit but you could have reached the same results without having to purchase the unit.

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    That video is actually not a great tool to pitch the product. Shows a short aging, with no crust removed. That is dried beef not dry aged beef. I saw pictures of a prime rib on their blog, aged 45 days. Different story. That is dry aged.

    I am sure the box works. But if I spend 200$ it will be on a fridge that allows me to age large cuts.

    Looking forward to your finished product in a month.
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    It was Dazed and Confused. I was thinking Men at Work, but some guys at work set me straight. Sorry for hijacking your thread InkJunkie!
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    It looks like it would work but I wouldn't pay that. I have had no problems with letting meat age in the fridge. Most my steaks sit in the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours before I grill them. I planned on getting a separate fridge that was going to be dedicated to strickly aging meat!
  18. mikeschildt

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    Obviously you do realize 3 hours in the refrigerator is not aged right? Doing it in a refrigerator for 45 days like I am will most certainly put you in the hospital.
  19. eatmypork

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    Oh I know. In my opinion I think it helps the meat absorb the rub and smoke better IMHO. I am not the most knowledgeable but have been cooking as living since I was 22, and prefeR that over just seasoning and putting on the grill.

    I am not knocking it and if I find a deal on one I would probably pick it up. I am sure that when done you'll have your meat butter and look forward to seeing the pictures!😃
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    By the way, welcome to the forum.

    It may seem that we are against what you are doing when in fact we are attempting to let you and others know, you could obtain the same results without purchasing special equipment.

    Did you take the time to see observe the following?  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/...ustrations-comments-from-multiple-smf-members

    The entire purpose of putting the thread together was to show how easy it is to dry age beef without having to purchase special equipment.

    Mr T

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