The Single Summer Sausage

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Dec 25, 2010
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Need to mix up the 2.5 lbs meat I had in fridge.

I been looking for some reheated mustard powder for sausage. Found up in Canada but they wont ship to the states. I did find in WI but they only sell in 50lb bags. $87, Hey maybe some of the forum members would like to get in on it....BUT....Then the shipping was $100...WTH $187 for deheated mustard powder.....No way jose

So I improvised with nutritional yeast. Not pictured is sugar.

Going with more ground long black pepper.

ECA added last before stuffing.

Dry in. Mix and add 4 T ice water.

Good protein extract now add the ECA.

One lone chub.

Hanging at room temp while smoker gets to temp.

Smoker at temp, starting low at 1008 for an hour then 5 PID steps.



my pid on the side of snoopy.

Prob see ya tomorrow.
Dang how do you stand the smell in the house?!?! I’d be out there with my nose stuck to it!

I was going to buy it but when they said 100 bux to ship....not
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I was just looking . Looks like it around in smaller quantities in Canada and the UK .
Be a shipping thing I guess .
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Lets lookeee shall we.

Going to try to cut and have to chubs the same size so I can vac. Leave the casing on.

Ahh yes

As you can see casing peel came right off. (sorry my flash was off)

And taste good. Like Pa Dutch SS.

Check for shelf stable.
Yup there.
Ahhhh its good to be back.

So.....never heard of "deheated mustard seed" what is it?
It's actually the number one spice used in the meat industry. No flavor - is essentially starch and 25% protein. It's mostly used for moisture retention, so producers can get a better yield. In emulsified sausages it can save the producer over a cent a pound due to the extra moisture content.

For a home sausage maker however there's two big benefits beyond moisture retention:
- it makes the outer casing easier to peel off
- it is one of the best (only?) things to prevent e. coli

It's recently fallen out of favor somewhat in the industry since mustard was added to the list of allergens, so some companies shy away from it to maintain their product is "allergen free".

Somewhat surprised it's hard to get there, as it's ground in the prairie provinces as well as the surrounding states (ND and MT I believe). You could also try searching for AIM Starch (Alberta Industrial Mustard). It's the same thing under a different name.

If anyone seriously wants to try it feel free to drop me a PM, I could look into shipping some, I can buy it locally.
I'm just having a hard time with the 100 shipping.
In the spring we are doing another cheese run so I will go by and get a bag, guy said he needs a week notice.
All this talk about summer sausage lately I decided to jump onto the summer sausage train. 7.1 pounds mixed and in the fridge over night. Stuffing will begin after morning coffee. :)
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