The Neck Heart - Great Smoked Venison

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Sep 20, 2012
Middle of Nowhere, South Central PA
Today I decided to smoke a neck heart to eat 

I started with this neck heart.

Gave it a basic SPOG treatment making sure to get some inside the heart.

Then into the MES it went at 225. AMNPS running hickory & maple

I need to figure out what else to make with these 
   I haven't had a neck heart for a while - I'm looking forward to it 
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Well I decided to go with some lemon pepper chicken so far...

I started with a couple boneless chicken breasts 
  & mixed up some lemon pepper rub I like to make.

Here is the lemon pepper rub I made.

I also crushed a few cloves of garlic & got some lemon juice ready.

I drizzle the breasts with lemon juice, rub them with the garlic & then apply the lemon pepper rub.

Here they are after getting the rub.

I then put them in a container & drizzle some more lemon juice on them gently & put them in the fridge for a couple hours till I'm ready to grill them.

I still need to figure out what else to make... I'm leaning toward steamed broccoli & something else maybe??

Updates to follow...
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What animal did the neck and heart come from??  Venison?
Ok the heart is done 

It is foiled till the rest of the things are ready. I need to fire up some Stubbs & get the grill going for the lemon pepper chicken. Since I'll have it going, I'm gonna do some taters on it with the chicken while the broccoli steams...

Updates to follow...
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Looking good B. We haven't been lucky enough to get a combo like that the last two years now... Maybe next season.

Are we gonna get to see the sliced photos???

Mmmmm making me drool in my beer!
And time to eat! 

Slicing the heart.

Closer view. 

Moist & tender.

I only wish these were bigger.

Cutting into the neck.

It is very tender & juicy as well. 

Better view of the juicy goodness.

My first plate - neck heart combo.

My second plate - lemon pepper chicken, broccoli & taters.

Both my plates ready for action - time to go eat! 
Man they look great. Maybe I shouldn't pitch the heart and make burger out of the neck.
Most of the meat will slice off with a good sharp knife. After that a fork will help you get the rest pretty easy. Let me know if you try any - if you do, I doubt you'll make burger with any more of them...
I always hated trying to debone them. Did you measure the temp of the neck?
I always hated trying to debone them. Did you measure the temp of the neck?
Yeah they can be a pain for sure - not a problem when you smoke them. I did monitor the temp.

You can see the hole from my probe in these 2 pics - just be careful to stay away from the bone... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.