The Legend of St. Barbeques

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Sep 8, 2015
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Legend of St. Barbeques

As written on the temple walls the story of St. Barbeques has passed through time. Goat was the meat of the day. It was only served at Celebration, a time of sharing and plenty. Neighbors joined the feast. The juices ran down their mouth and across their cheeks. Goat meant a time of plenty. The festivals were based on the stars in the sky. Plans were made moons before.

It is here the story begins.

Barbeques was a poor man. He begged food and shelter for his efforts. He was offered a place to stay in exchange for tending the fires on feast day. Poor Barbecues misunderstood the orders of when to start the logs on fire. In his haste to please he started them at sunset not sunrise.
Halfway through the night he realized his error. He sought to make amends by throwing sand on the fire. Finally in exhaustion the fire was covered and only the charred logs remained. In the morning he cleaned off the sand and re-lit the charred wood. A small flame appeared and danced across the logs. Bearers bought two whole goat carcasses skewered with a pole and placed them on the staves. One bearer laughed and said the meat would never cook and Barbeques would be punished and starved. He hung his head and prayed for the best.

Then the goat’s fat began to drip and a blue smoke rose from the ashes surrounding them. The smell was wonderfully entrancing. It wafted along the winds and the aroma drew all in the village. In their rapture they brought gifts to share and anointed the goats with fruits and oils to give thanks for this glorious bounty.

In that moment St. Barbeques was born.

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