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The Good One Open Range vs. Yoder Cheyenne vs. Lone Star 20 x 30. Let's talk bang for your buck (poll)

What smoker do you say is the best bang for the buck.

  • The Good One Open Range

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  • Yoder Cheyenne

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  • Lone Star Grillz 20x30

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Joined May 5, 2020
Hi all. I just moved and lost my grill, so I need a new one. I'm ready to ditch the big box ones and invest. I'm torn between the 3 smokers listed above. They all have pros and cons to me. Specifically, here is where I am at:
  • The Good One Open Range.
    • Pros: Cool design that eliminates (in theory) temp variations across the smoker without the need for a heat plate. Can grill in both boxes without extra equipment. Can literally dial in air flow very accurately. I can get one shipped in a few days for about $1200.
    • Cons: Thinner steel (11 ga body, 14 ga lid), seems a little wobbly. 10-yr warranty. Shelf is extra. Grease pipe doesn't seem to accommodate valve. 14 lbs of coal gives 8-hour burn? No real heat plate. Only 330 sq.in. of smoking space or grill space.
  • Yoder Cheyenne.
    • Pros: 3/16-in solid steel. Shelf is standard. Can grill in firebox (up charge). Can get fully loaded today for $1350. 500 sq.in. of main chamber space.
    • Cons: 10-yr warranty. Grease pipe doesn't seem to accommodate valve. Seems to plow through coal and wood, and temp control can be finicky. Needs a heat plate. Main grills don't slide out but are lifted.
  • Lone Star Grillz.
    • Pros: 1/4-in solid steel. Can grill in firebox (up charge). No heat plate needed due to laminar air flow. Seems to run for 8+ hours on just one to two small splits. Grease pipe can take a valve. Two really smooth slide out shelves. Can grill, fry, boil on fire box (330 sq in). 470 sq. on the smoker main grate. I'm totally in love with the design.
    • Cons: Double the price (with shipping) to get comparable components (e.g. grill grate in main chamber ). 12-week lead time. 455 lbs is a bear to move around.
I'm going to a LOT of direct grilling and some smoking. I'd really love to hear from anyone who has tried out two or more of these. I'm trying to figure out whether I can swallow paying 2x the price and waiting 3 months for the LSG, or if one of the others is close enough in the cooking experience that the LSG will just be an incremental improvement.


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Can't help you with an offset. But I just received a large insulated cabinet from them and have heard nothing but good about their offsets.
The build quality is outstanding. Mine weights 850 pounds, it was a pain getting into the backyard but on the patio it moves surprisingly easily. I am very happy with it's performance.
$$ yes but you get what you pay for. I ordered it 1/29 got it 5/7 (5 days for shipping to California). The wait was long but well worth it.


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I'm partial to the Open Range design regardless of how other cooker specs compare. It's a different animal.

That said, I'd get an Old Country Over Under, which is a much cheaper clone or the Good One Heritage which is the same design but larger cook chamber.

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