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The first Pork Butt in the new smoker

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mamabearcoffey, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Tried to insert a pic...don't know how to do it, maybe??  Anyway, just finished up some smoking.  I did two chickens and a pork butt.  I brined one chicken, rubbed the other, then rubbed and injected the butt.  The chickens smoked for about three and a half hours, the butt for about four and a half.

    I must say, the chickens came out A-maz-ing!!  Haven't tried the butt yet, it's resting.  Gonna do a brisket in a couple weeks.  Yea!
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    Sounds great. I have a question and safety concern. How big was the Pork Butt, and what internal temperature did you take it too. The pork butt I do I take to 190-205 degrees for pulled pork and take 10-15 hours. I am concerned about a 4 1/2 hour smoke on a pork butt, can you let us know how big it was and if you measured temps

    Great start

  4. definitely some questions need answerin..lol. unless of course ya smoked the butt for 4 hrs and finished off in oven.
  5. Hi all. The pork butt was incredible. Since controlling the heat has been a huge learning process, the smoker was pretty hot...the pork butt got done. I pulled it out at 180 and let it rest for a bit. It was tender, juicy, and yummy.
    Since then I've done two briskets...the first a huge success, the second not quite as much but still good. Would have liked to do a turkey, but didn't have time.
    Overall am happy with results so far.