The end of pink ham? France to cut use of nitrite in cured meats

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They most likely won’t, but if they ban nitrite, the producers will just switch to celery powder. Same end result, but less control on in going nitrite/nitrate.

In most European countries, they have limited in going nitrite to 150ppm. (200ppm in the U.S) Their curing salt is called “peklosol” or in France it’s called “Sel nitrite” they all only have 0.6% nitrite (cure #1 has 6.25% nitrite) so over there you can substitute all salt in a sausage with Peklosol at 2.0% salt and have 120ppm nitrite in the sausage. It’s impossible to add dangerous levels of nitrite into meat there without it being too salty to eat. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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