The BIG December cook!

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Jun 17, 2013
Nutting Lake MA USA
Hi all! I have some time off this week and decided to do some smoking. I started off last night to smoke a couple of meatloafs and they came out super. I have had to make some mods to my setup due to the cold temps. (20 to 32 degrees). I am using my Grill Zone Grill and only using the center burner on low and the left burner slightly higher. 

I have a smoke can and a pan with wood chips in it for smoke. I have used this method before and it works really well in cold temps. 

Here is the meatloaf doing it's thing.

Hot off the grill after being smoked for about 3 hours at about 200 degrees. 

Plated and ready to go with a little pile of taters, some gravy and some veggies to balance out the meal! 

I am doing a pulled pork this morning. The 3# pork butt hit the grill at about 830am and is currently at 140. I have the heat a bit higher today at about 280-300.

I am going to follow cliffcarter on this cook and go a bit higher temps with no wrap.  

This pic is at about 135 degrees IT and the smoker/ grill at about 280. I have an aluminum pan under to catch the drippings. 

The rub is basic; salt, pepper, cajun seasoning, cumin, brown sugar, garlic powder and a little chili powder. I forgot to take a pic of it rubbed up.

The rest of the cook includes 2 fatties; JD Hot sausage, cheese and jalapenos for one and I haven't decided on the other, though I have some monterey jack cheese and other fixings, but I haven't decided yet. 

The pulled pork will go to sandwiches, some goes into the bean soup pot and some into smoked mac and cheese which I am making tomorrow. 

That should stock me up till January. My wife likes PP but she doesn't like smoked food, though I'm trying to win her over! 

More q-view as I go. Smoked mac and cheese with PP stirred in is outstanding, if you haven't ever tried it! 

PS. I'm not using my ECB because of all of the ice and snow. I have to go up and down a hill where the smoker is located and it is covered with about 2 inches of ice. I will be able to use it again later in the season when either the ice melts or we get some good snow cover. 
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The Pork Butt came off around 1pm and is resting. I just broke it apart and put some finishing sauce on it. I forgot to take a pick before I pulled it apart. It isn't completely pulled as I want to let it cool some more. It was still too hot to get my fingers in there

Had a little bit of the bark for a taste test and it is outstanding. Bean soup on the stope and 1/3 of the Butt is going in there.
Wow Bob, You're going all out on this time off.  It all looks and sounds great.  I am defiantly going to try the Meatloaf and the Mac&Cheese one day.  The back looked super dark, must of been full of flavor.  Oh you're making me hungry.
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