the 4 types of american bbq

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which style do you prefer

  • north carolina style mustard/vinegar based sauce

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  • memphis style wet or dry rub or sauce

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  • kansas city style sweet or spicy based

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  • texas style -wood & meat maybe w/ marinade no sauce

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  • i don't care-i just love to cook & eat

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I put I don't care. But I don't even think I have got a fair assessment on legit judging from each type.
OMG!!! Too many question!!! LOL!!
Can i check all of them?

which style do you prefer
north carolina style mustard/vinegar based sauce
memphis style wet or dry rub or sauce
kansas city style sweet or spicy based
texas style -wood & meat maybe w/ marinade no sauce
i don't care-i just love to cook & eat
I have eanten and enjoyed all of these variations (and more) on BBQ meals. I seem to alweasy fall back on the idea that BBQ is smoked meat, and so I like to taste all the subtle nuances present in the meat.

Now don't get em wrong, there are some really tasty sauces out there, but meat + sauce is different than smoked meat. Not a suace person myself.
KC is my favorite, there seems to be a divide on here about bryants, I am in the "love it" category, although the ribs I had there didn't stack up with the best I have had. I like their original sauce, but thats a really different taste. I LOVE their spicy sauce, sweet with a little heat just the way I like it.

That said most of what I have done so far at home is I spose memphis style, dry rub with sauce on sice so you can pick your sauce.
I like to cook/smoke and feed people most of all. Heck alot of the time don't eat but I'm always tasting too. I have the folks that I smoke for right now and we have BBQ sauce but it's not used very much. I make my own and it's a mustard base sometimes and maybe ketchup based or who knows I might justmake a vinagar but I haven't yet.
None of those really fit me. I guess I am more a sonoran style cook or southwest bbq. Hot spice rub with some meat. No marinade and 90% of the time no sauce.
Being originally from KC i must state that the sweet candy sauce BBQ often associated with KC is a misnomer. Gates as an example is a spicy somewhat vinager sauce and some great Q at Arther Bs and so forth without sweet sauces. Hell I like em all but when home it is comfort for sure.
I think since I got some practice in and sorta know what I'm doin, everytime I smoke some I say it's the best I've done yet. But, I really don't know which ones the best cause there all so cotton-pikin tasty and suculent and tender and, geesh, I'm starting to drool. I ain't buyin another keyboard.

I like all the different sauces, but they are always served in a bowl next to your plate. I like to smoke meat with a dry rub and then allow the eater to sauce however much they want. over caramelized sauce can ruin some great meat.
I have to vote for KC BBQ.

I also have t agree with Mike on the sauces in KC. most have a bite to them. There is so much great que here that it would take you at least a week to try them all...

The only thing I disagree on is the fact that Springfield is 2 hrs south of KC. I tried to make it in 3 one time and got a ticket... It is 175 miles...
KC style is my fav, mostly because I grew up there. Really could use a good Que place in Chicago.

Anyone traveling up to KC on I35 needs to stop at Oklahoma Joe's worth every penny.
you tried Honey 1 or Smoque?

Honey 1 is one of the only places I go and pay for bbq, Smoque is ok as well.
or yours, but were both pretty far outside the city.

I like KC bbq, Memphis, and Carolina. I prefer pork for sure. Of these styles the one I do most is Memphis, dry rub, typically no sauce.
I like them all but Memphis style is my favorite, sauce on after they are done. Thats how they were cooked at the BBQ I worked at years ago. Good stuff.
nice top denver dave! i like most as long as they are not too sweet. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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