the 4 types of american bbq

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which style do you prefer

  • north carolina style mustard/vinegar based sauce

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  • memphis style wet or dry rub or sauce

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  • kansas city style sweet or spicy based

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  • texas style -wood & meat maybe w/ marinade no sauce

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  • i don't care-i just love to cook & eat

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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
there are 4 distinct types of american bbq(most common types).which do you prefer ? 1)north carolina-vinegar/mustard based sauce. 2)memphis style- dry or wet rub or sauce. 3)kansas city style-sweet sauce. or 4)texas style-meat & smoke w/ maybe a marinade.
All of the above!
I am bias though. I have tried all however the sweet and spicy always brings a smile to my face. And makes me loosen my belt alittle...
Don't know where the "KC, sweet sauce" thing came from, though sweet sauces are usually available for those who like them. I suspect KC Masterpiece had a big bearing, and it is not representative of KC sauces. It was invented by a doctor to appeal to the masses.
Drop by KC sometime and we will visit Arthur Bryant's, Gate's, Fiorella's Jack Stack, Wyandotte County BBQ, Hayward's, Quick's, BB's Lawnside, LC's, Rosedale BBQ, the list of fine Q places goes on & on. You WILL have a different take on the sauces. And you WILL smell smoke at all of them. Won't see any of them at competitions though.
Gotta say I have had everything you listed and like all of them, each is different and has it's merits. I've been around a bit and my hands-down favorite is Arthur Bryant's on Brooklyn in KC. And the sauce ain't sweet. Another favorite is Rosedale BBQ on Southwest Blvd. And the sauce ain't sweet, has heat. Another old favorite is Crosstown BBQ in Springfield, MO, 2 hours south of KC. And the sauce ain't sweet.
But the Q is fine.
I've had BBQ from East Africa to Hong Kong. There are a multitude of variants world wide and all are good in my book. That said and living in Texas I've had some BBQ here that was hard to beat. But I also love Mustard based vinegar BBQ (minus the Cole slaw). I have had Corkey's from Memphis and must admit I loved it. Mac's from Indiana is a family tradition and also good. But what I like best comes from the pit in my backyard.
mike - i missed the spicy part on the post but got it in the poll.thanx for the clarification. i have see arthur bryant's on tv & heard of it - lookin' forward to going there some day.
No brainer......Carolina all the way.

I only use traditional style BBQ sauces(store bought) in my Wicked Beans and on top of Meatloaves....
A few years back we redone the customs house in charleston s caroline 'bout mid 80s and there was a place there called something like Bessingers they had mustard and catsup style sause we got a case of each to take home good stuff is that place still around
I gotta say Memphis and Kentucky are my favorites but I love the all. Just love trying new stuff all the time, but no one would guess that huh?
Just one problem, memphis dry and memphis wet a totally different, the dry with sauce on the side has always been my fave.
I'll second the Fiorellas that Peculiar mentioned above. Bryant's is probably all around the most popular in KC though. You go during lunch hour and see BMW's parked next to Chevettes.

If you are ever in Topeka, swing by Boss Hawgs on 29th street. Wonderful food.

I would imagine that we all have our biases when it comes to food. I know that I prefer to put a rub on any meat I smoke, but I never thought of that as Memphis style. I thought everyone did that. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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