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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
May 2, 2007
making some new member signs
this is a really old program, not shure i can change background on these, i know i can in the 3D part of it which ill try some next.
AHHH Deb you just took all the fun out making something new
not so custem now
now ill have to go FULL 3D to be custem this could take alittle while to remember how the program works.
another style 3D, here ya go deb just for you.
if anyone would like a custem sig id be happy to make a few
another 3d for deb, i can move words were ever i want and add any color to the letters and change the back ground, if anyone has a jpeg of thin blue smoke for back ground please send it. and if anyone is interested in something let me know.
here ya go gypsy yor own sig, and if you want any changes let me know
I know the one i made for Deb really rocks, it looks great
but each person needs there own style and soome added stuff.

im only 1/2 way into what this program can do and when i do mine i know people will want something on the same line
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