Tenderloin Butt

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Sep 19, 2018
South Carolina
A chest freezer is a good place to lose stuff. I was kind of trying to organize one of mine when I came across a tenderloin butt that I maybe remember having...or maybe not. I thawed it out and decided to smoke it...

I trimmed off all of the silver skin and stuff...
20210711_151526 (1).jpg

Seasoned up with coarse salt and fresh cracked pepper...
thumbnail (1).jpg

Onto the kettle with some lump and a split of cherry on the side...
thumbnail (2).jpg

Internal temp hit about 105℉ and then over the hot side for a char...
thumbnail (3).jpg

Pulled at 115℉ or so to rest...
thumbnail (4).jpg

Meanwhile I'm roasting some new potatoes and fresh green beans drizzled with EVOO and simply seasoned with salt and pepper. I boiled the potatoes for about 2 mins to pre-cook them somewhat. Basically I get a pot of water boiling, put the potatoes in and bring them back to a boil. Cut them off and let them sit in the hot water for a few. Drain and onto a cookie sheet. The beans are raw...

Beans and potatoes are roasted in a 450℉ oven until done to our liking. We like the beans still a little crunchy. Time to slice the meat...
thumbnail (7).jpg

thumbnail (5).jpg

Dinner bell is ringing...
thumbnail (9).jpg

Tenderloin isn't my favorite cut, I prefer meat from the other end of a cow, and this one turned out a little overdone for our tastes even though I pulled it at about 115℉. But...or is that butt?

A good reminder to periodically clean out and organize your chest freezers, you never know what you may find that wasn't necessarily lost, just forgotten about.
Looks good to me! Garden fresh beans tho... damn! Ours is still gonna be awhile.

Hidden treasures , nice surprise and great looking meal, I like a lot of my veggies with a bit of crunch also

David, thank you. I knew the butt was there....somewhere, but wasn't looking for it. I roast almost all of our fresh vegetables and leave them "al dente" as the Italians like to say.
Looks good to me! Garden fresh beans tho... damn! Ours is still gonna be awhile.

Ryan, those are some of the first and they were just as good as they looked...
GS, Nice smoke and a great looking plate!
Crazy, thank you for the kind words..
Looks really good bud. Full of juice and tender
Jake, thank you....
Looks good. You got a nice char. I'm with you on tenderloin. Got to work to get some flavor in there.
Brian, thank you. I acquired several of those butts about a year ago for a really good deal. That's the last one, at least I think it is, I'll like the front quarter meat much better..
Looks real good from this seat. . .
Winter, thank you...
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