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  1. Hey everyone, I am smoking 2 butts in the 9 pound range. I set up the smoker and put them on the wsm at midnight last night . The smoker was rolling and holding great at 230 so off to bed I went. I just woke up and the temp had jumped to 375!!! I've got it back down to 260 and the internal temp is at 165. I'm now only 5 hours into this smoke and foods not to be served for another 12 hours or so.

    do you think I ruined these two butts by running it up so hot. I'm pissed my maverick won't send a signal to the bedroom and overnight smokes get me a little on edge
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    If it isn't burned, I wouldn't worry about it. I have read some posts where they prefer the meat reheated. I'd slow it to 200-225 if you can and just let it roll. If it gets done a little early, foil it and hold it in the oven @ 170 til you're  ready to pull.
  3. upon further investigation my lid gauge and maverick were 150 degrees apart. I opened the door and found out that the maverick probe had fallen out of the clip and was down near or in the coals. problem fixed and all is well , back on track. :yahoo:

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