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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by basheirt, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. basheirt

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    Just wanted to weigh in here on my newly acquired Tappacue thermometer/probe system...

    I ordered and received it about 2 months ago but yesterday was really the first time I had it fully operational.  I will say that I did not have a lot of fun setting it up for the first use. Getting it to connect with my home wifi was not as easy as I had hoped, but that might be due to my crazy setup (I have two piggy-backed routers and I had to disconnect one of them in order to get it to initially "pair."). Once I finally figured that part out I set out to discover what it was able to do for me.

    Short answer: I was able to go to my kid's concert on the other side of town while my short ribs were smoking in the backyard!

    I set up three temp probes (I bought the upgraded color-coded probes) with one for the chamber and two in different ribs. I set the appropriate temp alerts to send to my phone (Android), and made sure the communication between all parts was true.

    Instantly, I started getting alerts on my phone regarding the three probes' temp readings being below the minimum set-point (obviously... as everything was just getting up to temp).

    As each probe got to the right temp-range, I received appropriate notifications on my phone.

    All-in-all, once it was up and running, it worked flawlessly. And it did exactly what I bought it to do.

    I wish it actually had a way of connecting it to the controls of my electric smoker so I could use the app to control the chamber, but I suppose that's wishful thinking... or at least a few years away.

    In the meantime, definitely a good product. I hope it holds up for a few seasons. It's not cheap.

  2. cmayna

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    Wow, for $200+, it better come with the meat already smoked.  Way too much  moola for my pocket book.
  3. dr k

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    Do all Wi-Fi therms (igrill, Tappacue etc.) need close proximity to the router (In the same room as the router) on initial setup to pair with the device?  Where you have to press the WPS button on the router to pair.

  4. wichita chief

    wichita chief Fire Starter

    If I'm seeing right the Tappacue comes with 4 probes? To get an iGrill2 with 4 probes you will be spending approx $150. And its only bluetooth. So it would not be that much of a $$ jump up to this.

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