TAM Jalepenos

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Mar 18, 2006
Has anyone tried these? I have been doing some reading up on them, and they are like 1/3rd the heat of a regular jalepeno.

The misses doesn't like much for heat, and I am thinking of maybe trying to plant a couple of them if I can find some already started. If not, maybe just order a pack of seeds and try them that way.

That's the kind I grew last summer. Bought the plants at Lowes. Here is a picture of the picked peppers. They were a little smaller than I like and were not very hot at all.

Thats what I did with most of them and the rest went into coleslaw
gave it that Jalepeno taste without so much heat.
Speaking of the Tam, I grew a hybrid jalapeno last year called a "Fooled You". Very sweet. Looks exactly like a Jalapeno with zero heat. Great for stuffing, salads, etc... Also grew a pepper called a "Trinidad Perfume". A zero heat Scotch Bonnet. Delicious! My exotic pepper of choice this season will be a total about face, the Bhut Jolokia. It's de-throned the Red Savina Habanero as the new worlds hottest pepper. 1 million + scoville units!!
"peppers with no heat....."

You gotta admit though, pepers such as the red bell have a place. "No heat" doesn't equate to "bad". I love the whole spectrum!
oh don't get me wrong, the sweet has it's place, but the hot needs it also.......I love peppers of all types.......it's the capasian man......
but trust me, the little lady makes a killer pasta salad with the red orange and yellow bell peppers......it's really damn good!!!!
Hey Payson,
I took hubby to 2007 Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show out in Albuquerque this past weekend. I will be putting up a thread on it later, but I wanted to let you know he tried a sort of paste of the bhut jolokia. See I have 1 plant ordered for the garden this year. He literally barely dipped the edge of his tiny spoon in the stuff. Started out with good flavor. About two booths down he was breathing heavy (that hot pepper breathing) by the end of the row I looked at him and he was sweating profusely, red as an apple, and he finsished his beer and my margarita to try and tame the flame.
(Yes we know that dairy or the like is what will calm it, but there wasn't any around.) Finally, a taste of hot bloody mary mix took the heat away
. I'm not quite sure what we're going to do with this pepper, but it will be tucked away in a far away corner of the garden so it doesn't cross pollinate...
In Venezuela, they use a pepper extensively that they call "aji dulce" (ah-hee dool-say). It is just like you described. I was able to get plants in the states a couple times, but don't want to grow 2nd generation seeds. I'm afraid they've crossed w/ my habs.

Did yours grow multi-colored, red yellow and orange? Remarkable flavored peppers.

They are very similar. The "Fooled You" stayed predominantly orange upon maturity though. They were very flavorful as well. Scotch Bonnet flavor without the intense scorch. Check out www.chiliplants.com for an example of each. Great resource for peppers I might add! If you can't find it there I doubt it exists! (I'm not affiliated with them by the way, just love their varieties)
I couldn't find them @ that site, but I found several sources for seeds when I googled aji dulce. I'd really like to be able to find plants again though.
I've used Cross Country nursery for years now and they are top notch. Love the variety of their peppers and tomatoes. If you like jalapenos, try the biker billy's. They seem to be a little larger and a little hotter than a regular jalapeno. Other favorites are hinkle hotz, granpa's and peter peppers.
Thanks for the replies. I do like a little heat in my pepper, but the rest of the family doesn't. So I was thinking of trying some without the heat, as I can always add heat to mine. Maybe add some of the regular jalepeno into the mixture when I make my abt's just for me....


How'd you do that? I searched aji dulce every way i could figure, and didn't find them. It looks like #2 is the one I want.

Do you have any experience ordering plants from these folks? if so, what quality and size plants did you get?

I used to grow peter peppers every year. I quit when I had the neighbor's daughters pull weeds in my garden and their parents complained. They're a very novel pepper. Have you got any pix for those that aren't familiar?

I'm looking for an extra large jalapeno that's hotter than a TAM, but a little on the mild side. Any ideas?

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