Talk me out of it......

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pc farmer

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Feb 17, 2013
Central Pa
Many websites get the details wrong or lacking some words.
Amazon stated 3 mm thick griddle or 1/8" and pre-seasoned. 1/8" is way too thin so I went to Pitboss website and it is really 4.7 or 3/16" thick and pre-seasoned.
Griddle thickness is similar to my Blackstone 22" griddle.
Yeah, Amazon stated powder coated steel, but missed the base unit.



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Feb 25, 2018
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I have the single burner 17" and love it for 2 people, bought the hose and the wind shield which stops a lot of splattering over the sides, waffle house don't have squat on me lol, wind shield was $$ but well worth it


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Apr 25, 2015
powder-coated is probably better rendered "flame-sprayed". I went with a cheap (but >24") walmart model with what I think is a CrO2 coating. But it's not like any interior "ceramic" can really go at it with the steel spatulas and not scrape it.
I tried smash burgers on it once and think I just couldn't get it hot enough for the right crisp so I only use it for breakfast now. But I do enjoy heading out in the dark and cold and making a hearty breakfast. (Although lately it's been pretty only about once a week!) Now that I've become a fair grill cook by working a larger grill, I think I have the skills to get a smaller one for camping/tailgating and still be productive for a party of 2-4. But I'm glad I started large. So don't give up if you get a bit discouraged...I think starting small is much harder.
And let me know if you can make a half dozen good and crispy smash burgers on that Pit Boss. I may get one to put among my "evening ware" grills and smokers. I'd really like to be able to make a good smash burger with lots of onion. But for now, I'm breakfast only on my griddle.
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Dec 17, 2019
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With all the griddle cooks Y'all been posting its got me wanting a griddle to add to the mix. Give me you opinion on this. I'm really not sure how much I'd use it. And IF I dont like it im only out a $100. I know, I might want a bigger one later. But its only 3 of us and I think this might be a good start. So, hit me with a yes or no!

at least it's a 2 burner. first time yo try nd make philly cheese and stuff you'll be shopping for larger. we have a 17" Blackstone. only two of us, and it's pretty portble for the camper.

tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
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At least I can't be blamed.......this time!
Yes you can be blamed. You're the one who trained all the rest of the enablers here so it's ALL YOUR FAULT!! :emoji_laughing:
Thought you guys would've talked him into building a new garage to put it in by now🤣
Be patient Jim. I'm, just waiting for him to tell us it's been delivered and start crying that he doesn't have room to store it :emoji_wink:



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Apr 17, 2020
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Thought you guys would've talked him into building a new garage to put it in by now🤣
I’m already planning my retirement home. It’s definitely gonna have a special area for the grills, smoker, and other stuff you guys talk me into!
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