Tacos complete

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Jan 4, 2014
Montague County, TX
It took a bit over 16 hours to get there, but tacos have been made.

Barbacoa, made from beef cheeks, chicken that was marinaded in achiote, and some beef seasoned with taco flavoring. All were smoked for 3-6 hours prior to wrapping up.

I'm stuffed!

Now I have to fight sleep, since I have 2 butts and pit beans smoking, but that's a different thread....
Can I come to your house for dinner. Barbacoa is a favorite in our house. Never made it with the traditional cuts (my family would refuse beef head meat) but it still turns out tasty with Chuck roast.
Looks delicious CB!  I could go for some of that...nicely done sir!  Point!  

Oh man.... So thats what the delicious smell was yesterday afternoon!  Awesome street tacos!  Point  B
Gracias all!

I'm taking the left over barbacoa to work tomorrow. My maintenance boys will go nuts over this stuff!

Case, there is a distinct difference between the cheeks and the tongue, but BOTH are an amazingly different flavor than normal beef.
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