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I used pork sirloin tips I believe it was called cut into strips. Not much fat on the meat so I hope it stays more firm.
I'll let you know if it gets mushy. And all I did was season the meat set aside hollowed out a pine apple after cutting the top of about an inch down. I kept about 3/4" down the sides of the pineapple. The first one I skinned then stuffed and it blew out the side. The second one I stuffed then skinned and it worked great. I weaved bacon and wrapped the whole thing. Securing with toothpicks. Put the top back on again with toothpicks. Everyonce in awhile I'll bast it with the pineapple juice I got from the inside.
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Well just took it out its in the cooler until dinner. I accidentally let it slide into the cooler so the bacon broke a little....oops.
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End result was different to say the least. I used apple wood and I believe the flavor it gave was not what I was looking for. The pork on the inside was not mushy it but I did notice the very outside of it did have a mush texture. The outside may have been mushy because my smoker went down just as I was about to put it on yesterday and it had to sit overnight in the fridge. Most the sweetness I was expecting from the pineapple was not there. All in all the family liked it I'm just critical of my cooking so I'll be thinking of different ways to mess with the flavor.
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I could see how pulled pork would have became mushy. I think since I used solid meat with little fat I held together better.
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