Sweet Lebanon Bologna-----Ouch!!

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 18, 2017
    Sweet Lebanon Bologna: Sometimes things go wrong.

 This was a small batch of sweet Lebanon bologna——the main purpose was to collect data on various things such as cultures, temps, smoking and casings.
  Four days——everything is going well——-start the 48 hour cold smoke——-and unknown to me, the humidity controller failed——-instead of 80% humidity, I was closer to 30 or 35%.
   Look at the pics, you can see the shrinkage (that was a 2 1/2”) fibrous casing. The other casing was a homemade 3 1/4 “ , 280 count muslin ( it worked better then expected.
  Got pretty dry and Lebanon bologna is a very moist sausage. Any way most of the data is worthless. Still the flavor isn’t bad——just not what I’ m looking for.
  Sure glad it wasn’t a 20 or 30 lb. batch.

B, Too bad about the bologna being dry but it's not a failure if it is still edible !  Just spread more mustard on when eating it ! 
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