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Discussion in 'Pork' started by missourismoker, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Oh yeah baby! Can't think of too many better reasons to do some smokin and drinkin than Super Bowl Sunday! Too bad I gotta work Monday. Can anyone tell me a good reason why the Big Game isn't on Saturday yet?! Anyway my contribution to the party is a 9.5lb butt and some ABT's. Snow storm predicted to hit tomorrow night here in Missouri about the time I plan on putting this beauty into the sauna. This will be my first over-night smoke so I'm sure I will probably wake up a couple times, but I have faith in my BGE that she will stay smoldering. Been hearing a lot of comments about pecan wood. I have only used apple before but would be willing to take a flyer if you guys say so. Also this will be the inaugural smoke of the ABT's so hopefully the turn out as good as most of the ones I see on here look! Got $ on the Pats so let some air out of the balls and let her fly!! My Chiefs are grilling like me:). Hope you all have a great weekend and God Bless from Missouri!
  2. Sorry I'm a rookie! How do I post a pic?
  3. c farmer

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    You have photobucket?
  4. b-one

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    I really like pecan and mix it with cherry personally. Mix a couple chunks in with your apple chunks start with two and next time you can try more if you like. Hopefully someone who can explain how to post pics(much better than I could)will chime in on that.
  5. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a beautiful and chilly day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

  6. I don't have photo bucket, but could if that is how you post pics. I don't want to go crazy, just want to post a few pics of progress. I heard you guys like pics:)
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  7. krubby

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    Missouri - I'll be right there with you.  I am hosting and doing three butts, with an estimated start time of about 11pm - Midnight range on Sat night.  two of them are about 9 lbs, one is about 8 lbs. I am only having about 18 people over, so I think I am going to have way more than I need, but my dad asked that I make extra so he can load up and take a bunch home to freeze.

    Using the weber smokey mountain myself.  Still kind of new to this - I anticipate kind of waking up and checking on it throughout the night.  I am actually debating sleeping on the couch in the living room by the back door so I can just bop in and out as needed.

    I am doing a 50/50 mix of apple and cherry.
  8. krubby

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    ps all you need to do to post a picture is click on the mountain looking icon and upload a photo that way.
  9. c farmer

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    Photobucket is the easiest way to do it.
  10. Thanks Krubby! Here she is right before I put her to bed. I'm thinking game time is gonna start around 9 or 10 tomorrow night. I too will be sleeping on the basement couch so I can sneak in and out. Is it a fair assumption that pecan is a little bolder flavor than a fruitwood like apple or cherry?
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  11. krubby

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    I am fairly new to this myself, I just got my WSM in December (although I have done 5 meals on it, including a butt once, so getting the hang of it).  Having said that I have not used pecan myself yet.  2 of my 3 kids have tree nut and peanut allergies.  While I have read the wood doesn't have the same whatever that the nuts have that cause the allergies, to date I have played it safe and just avoided pecan.

    Having said that I had a mental lapse and used hickory twice not thinking that hickory is a nut tree, and no adverse affects.

    anyway, regardless I am not sure BUT I have seen TONS of people say they love pecan. 
  12. krubby

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  13. Nice Butt 

  14. This will be my third Butt and the first two I had to "motivate" to get to temp in 12 hours with the ol Texas Crutch method, so I'm starting early this time and if I get done early no biggie. Will just wrap and put in a cooler. Gotta have a couple hours to spare to smoke the ABT's!
  15. krubby

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    PS Missouri - I should tell you I am a huge Broncos fan.  so you might decide to stop talking to me (ha ha)
  16. No worries Krubby I'm a realistic Chiefs fan. Plus im kinda a Peyton Manning fan. How can you not like that guy?! But if you start talking about my Cardinals we may have a problem:). I'm excited yet anxious about the ABT's. Hope they turn out ok. I will post more pics tomorrow come game time. I just hope my butt doesn't turn into one of those 20+ hour deals I have read about.
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  17. krubby

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    OK, I'll skip that part where I mention I am a Cinci Reds fan as well.

    good luck tomorrow on your smoke!  should be a fun all nighter.
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    Sounds good I am doing two butts also tomorrow for the game,,,,,BUT ,,,,GO HAWKS I am the 12th man

    I just hope it Is a better game this yr than last yr  good luck to both teams

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

  19. Just curious what everyone else does. Do you all set the butt in ambient temp for a while before putting on smoker to try to bring it back closer to room temp, or do you go straight from the fridge to the smoker?
  20. c farmer

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    I go from fridge to smoker.

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