Sunny and 70. Beautiful day for some Pastrami and CB. And Pictures too.

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That is some great looking Que there...back to back killer meals...thanks for the views,
 now i'm starving..
Scott, sorry I am getting in to this post late but things been a little hectic up here.  Man all of that meat looks absolutely fantastic Scott!  I could have done a fine number on a big chunk of that pastrami and about half that Canadian Bacon both.  Just give me a knife and fork and go hide and watch me!  I really like the way you did the Q-View giving all the instructions and recipes as you went, heck, I think I could do both of those now!  Absolutely delicious Scott.  Keep up the good work and the Q-View.

Your SMF Friend,

Thanks Barry. I believe that every person on here is quite capable of making anything on a smoker. No matter what you choose to make there will be a thread somewhere about it or a member more than willing to help out. Heck. I didn't know anything about smoked meat except that I liked it before I found this place.
Last nights supper. Made a sammie with the pastrami on the side. The fried pastrami was killer.
Now I'm hungry again, Scott! -----Looks GREAT !

Funny how so many things (bolognas, strami, etc), we smoke, can even be better fried up at a later date!

I wish someone would explain something I noticed.

That last batch of 9 pounds of "Bear Log" I made, I added some heat to it (1 TBS of each--Cayenne, Black Pepper, and Red Pepper flakes).

Now when I slice it at about 3/8" thick, and eat it cold, it takes about 3 slices for me to notice any heat,

but when I fry it very lightly, I notice the spice heat in the first bite, and it's just right (for me anyway).

Any spice geniuses out there have a reason for that?


Saturday night dinner at home. 6th day of the pastrami. Sliced real nice.


Steaming it.


The fixins.


Ready for grillin.


Melted Swiss.


Pastrami, Swiss and Grey Poupon. But of course.


The plate is ready. Bush's Bourbon and brown sugar beans tuned up with some onion, Sweet Baby Ray's and bacon on the side.


The plate after.

Awesome 'Strami !

Great looking Sammy!!!!

Super plate of food!!!!

Hey, you're not at a fancy restaurant----Get that tongue out & clean that plate!!!

Maybe that's just me.   Mr's Bear thinks I'm a Pig!  

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