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Summer Sausage Undercooked- What Can I Do?


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My husband and I were making some summer sausage for the first time, and he misread the directions for smoking them and did not check their internal temperature. I found this out after they were wrapped and in the freezer. I took some out the other day and thawed it... and it is not fully cooked in the center. Can I thaw the rest of the sausage, put them back in the smoker and bring them up to temperature to "fix" this problem. I realize going into the smoker twice will probably cause some quality issues, like being too dry... but I figure that beats having undercooked and potentially unsafe meat. 


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First off welcome to SMF and were glad to have you aboard.

We often get posts about something that went wrong and asked for advise whether it can be saved and still be safe. Its hard to determine. In this case your best bet is to start over as your cooking process was compromised. Also the quality of the SS will probably be affected too.

If they were mine and they were frozen for less than 2 months and cure was used, I would thaw them in the fridge then place them into a 180 degree par boil and cook them to an internal temp of 160 degrees. water bath and bloom overnight in the fridge. Slice open and see what the result  are....

My 2 cents

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I'm trying to figure this out?

You did not check the IT of the meat? Did you just guess.

I would do like Joe suggested or just slice and fry it. My second thing would be to toss it, but thats just me.


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Whatever you decide, would you swing by "Roll Call" & introduce yourself.

Then we can all give you a proper welcome!


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