Summer sausage left at room temp

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  1. Maybe you curing experts could give me a hand. I made some quick 1 lb. summer sausage chubs and smoked cheese for family this Christmas, 85/15 gb, Leggs mix, cure added, stuffed, smoked and vacuum packed. Now my nephew asked me last  night if needs to be refrigerated, yes it should I said, he said it had been left on the counter in the gift bag all week. I have been searching around and can't find the answer if this would still be edible. I am not sure how the nitrite breakdown is affected by the vacuum packing. I think it should be fine but just to make sure, and maybe get enlightened some....


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    Should not be an issue if an IT above 150 was attained. Mail order, Figi's, Harry and David, ship summer sausage without ice...JJ
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    yep you should be fine I did Snack sticks for a buddy last yr same set up as yours and he left them on the counter week or better,,,said had a little mold on the outside but he just wiped the mold off and I am making him another batch today,,,Never got sick one bit 

    DS,,,,BTW I chewed his but about it and now they go straight to the fridge 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 


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