Stufz Burgers and Some Quail on the Yoder w/ (Q-View)

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Jan 11, 2011
Wife saw the new Stufz burger maker that came in the mail and scratched her head.  Then, she took one look at the pictures of the stufz burgers here on SMF.  She hopped right in her Denali, went straight to the store for supplies, and ordered me to the smoker immediately!  While she was gone, I pulled some quail out of the freezer from an early January hunt.  Next, I put some heat in a chimney of Royal Oak, and got some splits of almond going in the firebox of the Yoder.  We seasoned the quail with a little Cajon Creole and a touch of Old Bay, then wrapped them individually in a complete strip of bacon. 


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And then, we browned some chopped up bacon, a little garlic, some chopped mushrooms, and some onion.  That was combined with colby jack and blue cheese crumbles for the filling.... 


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And so it was....  Smoked everything at around 220 with the almond as fuel until the burgers reached close to 160 internal...  The bacon on the quail was looking close to perfection so I pulled them awell. 

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Enjoy!  Wife wants more tonight:)  Shes requesting a Stufz w/ green chilies and a creamcheese and mozeralla filling.  We'll see....

The California Valley Quail and a huge Mojave Green before I, (myself and 3 of my closest buddies), Meateater, cleaned and smoked their little asses...;) 

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34 is the limit these day's?
 You are saying I..........

Between myself, and three close friends, it's actually a few birds short of a limit from what I, (we), understand.  Correct me if im wrong cowboy!!!!  All birds were harvested by 1, who raised his right hand for the FD.  2, who raised their right hands for the PD, and another who raised their right hand and served in the U.S. ARMY....  And 1 badass short hair doggy.   I can post a few more pics of the hunt if you wish.

Just checking Cowboy. I'm sure you would do the same. Lot's of poachers these day's. So why did ya kill that snake?
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 The biggest snake I ever saw outside captivity was a crew timber of rattlers.

5 foot and huge around. Got near a ledge they were sunning and they got pissed and started rattling.

Somewhere on the trail in VA. Was real happy to get away from them and they were happy to see us leave.

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