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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by blackriver, Feb 23, 2013.

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    Hello I have a Gander Mountain 15 lb stuffer and hate it. It is really hard to turn the handle while stuffing. I have to use two hands to even turn it. This is with the largest horn stuffing fibrous casings for summer sausage. I am am adding water to the sausage mix and I am stuffing right after mixing so I don't think that is the problem. Here is the link to the stuffer I have ... i?i=401088

    I am looking at a Tre Spade stuffer to replace my stuffer. Has anyone had any experience with these stuffers? ... OTTO=21700
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    Hold on... There is something definatley wrong there... Give us some time to figure this out...

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    Ok.... Is this a two speed stuffer. if it is... a 2 speed stuffer is not for stuffing on the fast gear ratio. It is only for quick refill.. here is a explanation I posted about 2 speed stuffers a while back..

    Your link didnt work... Do you have any pics

    Gander mountain stuffers have a pretty good reputation
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    Thanks I will try it
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  7. It's not two speed, but i converted mine to two speed. :biggrin:

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  9. Just larding the o-ring is enough, but the stuffing tube is where the real friction is.
    It helps to purchase an SS stuffing tube(s)....less friction.
    I use a one inch SS stuffing tube with the 15 lb, stuffer most of the time.

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    if he is adding water to the meat and using the largest stuffing tube it should not take 2 hands to turn the handle so something doesn't seem right here. can you show any pictures of your stuffer
  11. blackriver

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    Thank you for taking your time to help me with my Gander Mountain stuffer issue.  Here are some pics of my stuffer.

    When I bring the plunger down it is a really tight fit between the gasket and the side of the cylinder.  The thing is I am strong enough to crank it but my kids and my wife can't crank it.  Do I have to put a lot of crisco in the cylinder and on the gasket?  I don't want to use anymore water in my mix cause I am already at the amount the recipe calls for.  I was looking at the Tre Spade because the cylinder was not as wide and it is taller, making it easier to crank.  Although if I could make my existing one work that would be great.
  12. The fit is tight, but it needs to be, I lube the o-ring lightly with some lard.
    If you want the wife and kids to crank you may want to consider retrofitting the handle with an extension, the extra leverage will make it easier to turn....not too long though or the chances of breaking something increase significantly.

  13. I have the LEM 5 pounder.  I can easily crank it with one hand and  little effort.  If your wife can't crank it down it makes me wonder if you don't have an issue with the tolerances being too tight.  Yes you need to add a little of lubriation to the gasket.  Hopefully someone on here can give you some advice to make your stuffer work. 

    how long did you wait after mixing seasoning into meat before stuffing?
  14. blackriver

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    I stuff right after mixing. I also have a 5 lb vertical stuffer that is really easy to crank. I think some of it has to do the cylinder being so much larger than my 5 pounder. I bought the 15 pounder to eliminate having to reload the stuffer so much.
  15. Yes, the cylinder and piston are bigger, but so are the screw, gears and handle.
    The design is exactly the same as other 15 lb. stuffers sold by Northern, Grizzly, LEM, SausageMaker, etc.

  16. boykjo

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    I spray Pam on the cylinder wall of the stuffer and I spray some Pam on the o ring.... You may have a unit that might not have had the groove machined deep enough and may be defective. Like your 5 lb er... It should be easy to crank. I would try the lubrication and if that don't work then I would call the manufacture and see if you can get a new one
  17. here is a thought.  crank it empty.  then go to a store that sells them and compare how it cranks empty.  If you is much tighter then you have found your problem.  of course you need a store that has display units.  hopefully you do......

    another option is to call the manufactorer (I really think I mispelled that).  It shouldn't be that hard to crank.  I think either you have an issue with that stuffer or your meat needs more liquid.

    How easy is it to crank down when empty??

    the reason I asked how long you waited to stuff was because of something I read in my LEM instructions.  It said to stuff immediately after adding salt because it claims the meat will harden.  Of course I didn't read the instructions till after the meat had sat in fridge overnight with salt already added.  lol  I had no problems even though it sat for over 24 hours.
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    It is hard to crank empty also. I might try spraying the pan in it. I am hoping it will help. Thank you everyone for trying to help me solve my issue with my stuffer.
  19. It shouldn't be especially difficult to crank when empty.
    Is it hard to crank with the o-ring removed?
    If so, there's something seriously wrong.

  20. you might have found the problem.  It shouldn't be hard to crank when empty.  is it too late to return it?

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