Stuffed Pizza Burgers with Q-View

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Meat Mopper
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Jan 20, 2011
Callahan, Florida
I started out with 1/2 pound of 85/15 ground beef and 1/2 pound ground hot Italain sausage, Ragu Pizza Sauce, fresh mozzarella, and pepperonni. Mixed meat and used my "Stufz Ultimate Stuffed Burger Maker"    ,         (for the first time) to make each patty. Each burger has a slice of mozzarella, Tbsp. of Pizza Sauce and six pepperonni slices. and then onto grill. I used Kingsford Mesquite Charcoal on my Weber Kettle. My son manned the grill and as always did a great job. My wife toasted each hamburger bun with butter and some garlic salt. They turned out great!

As for the "Stufz Ultimate Stuffed Burger Maker" I found it difficult to work with. I used plastic wrap to keep the meat from sticking to the mold. That worked great, thanks Al (SmokinAl) for that tip. I just found the device to be difficult and not very smooth in it's use. I only made three burgers and each one was better than the previous one, but the smoothness of operation never got any better. I beleive I am going to go ahead and order me the "Pocket Burger Press" and give that a try. From watching the "how to" video it looks like it would be easier to use. IMHO, but time will tell.

And now for the Q-view







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Looking good. Keep the meat cold and spray the mold with oil. Another tip is to put the mold in the freezer first, no matter what brand it helps. I still have a el-cheapo kroger burger press that I use to make me a sausage patty in the morning for breakfast quite often, some day's I caveman it.
The burgers look great there David! Let us know how the pocket press works. I found the stufz a little cumbersome at first, but after making quite a few burgers, you develop your own technique & it's really quite easy to use.
Where is the money shot (after you take a bite or slice it)? Stufz burger looks really good thou. Try smokin' them on your lang w/hickory and a bit of mesquite, takes about 1.5 hours if ya make them large. I noticed after a 6 pack of tall boys (beer) they are tuffer to make. I would like a Stufz made from stainless steel, I think it would work better, the plastic is a bit flimsy.

I tried out my Stufz yesterday, too.   It was a bit awkward, but it did a great job in the end. You're in trouble if you don't use the wax paper or saran wrap trick. I went with the wax paper; I had trouble with the saran slipping around and I kept thinking I'd get it caught in the burger. One of the things I had noted in my stufz research is that the amount of meat in the top and bottom can be important.  I didn't want to end up with giant burgers, so I tried about 4 - 4-1/4 oz on the bottom and about 2 oz. on top.  Like I said, mostly great, one minor leak but I found it in time and just pinched it back up.  Filling was carmelized onions, sauteed shrooms and blue cheese.  SORRY, No pix - it was messy, and I wasn't grilling or smoking them - just did them under the broiler.
I have been using mine for about a year. You need to remove the burgers and kind of hand seal them. Good looking burgers man
I have been using mine for about a year. You need to remove the burgers and kind of hand seal them. Good looking burgers man
I thought I had checked them all and snugged them up, but one popped a bit. It was a little hole and I found it before flipping so I was able to pinch it back shut and it held fine. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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