Stuffed Chicken Thighs

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Meat Mopper
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Jul 31, 2007
Glenburn, ND
Chicken thighs with the bone removed. For the filling I used some anaheim peppers and horseradish cheese. Secured the thighs with some grilling bands.

Have the large Vortex set up for searing. First had the chicken to the side cooking indirect and then moved over the Vortex for a sear to crisp up the skin. Bag of frozen mixed veggies on the side cooking indirect while searing the chicken.

Moved chicken to the side to finish cooking and added some Coakley's BBQ sauce.

Plated with some veggies and stuffing.

Inside shot of the stuffed chicken. Crispy skin and juicy meat!!

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Looks Great .How do you D-Bone them? Do you cut the skin and cut around the bone? What is the Vortex made out of?
Ohhhhhhh and the wife got a couple Amazon gift cards for Christmas.   "Honey, can I see your purse for a minute?"
I am definitely going to have to try stuffing thighs. My father in law is a big fan of grilling boneless ones, I'll have to suggest this to him as well. The possibilities are endless!!
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