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Mar 26, 2006
Orchard Park, NY
Hey all, Been awhile since I have been in here. Had a very busy summer with the kids, parties, 2 jobs and get togethers. Anyway, my oldest son is preparing for deployment in early October. He loves my jerky and I would like to send him with some. I need ideas on long term storage, taking into account the extreme heat. Would foodsaver methods work? How long do you think it would last if I did them in a bunch of individual packages for him? Should I make the jerky drier than normal? Can I mail it to him with no problems?

Thanks in advance I appreciate it and so does he.

I've often wondered that myself. I'm always afraid it go bad and make the kids sick. It's really hot over there and not as humid as here in the North east. I wonder if you can buy those little decanters in a store some where. I have seen them anywhere but that would help. I seen a batch over about a month ago but haven't heard about it yet. I just vacuum sealed it an put it in a ziplock bag for later storage. If I hear anything I'll let you know.

May God bless you son and thank him for his dedication to his country and his countyman.
yes prayers for you son........

my boy, at the moment, is in kuwait, waiting on deployment to iraq

the jerky question is a good one.......cause my boy eats the crap out of it

so if nothing else........this is a bump

Properly cured jerky will keep at room temp for several months as long as air can circulate around it, but I think you need not worry, once he opens it it's going to be GONE !! so send Lots his friends will love you for it. I have never had a batch of jerky last longer than 3 days and I only have 3 boys , how long will it last once it gets there ? only seconds LOL
yeah......A.B. from FoodNetwerk said that storage in a plastic baggie, the jerky will/mite mold........he recommended a upright spaghetti noodle type storage unit......

BUT i won't last l0ng.........but just getting it there in good shape mite be a telling how long it takes mail to get there

Thank you for all of the positive thoughts, it is very much appreciated. Well, I did a five pound batch or so, I actually used the High Mountain Cajun, instead of going with something I just concoct. It came out excellent. I then vacuum sealed most of it and mailed it off a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately he and his 2nd recon unit went on ops around Fallujah. Anticipated return is a couple weeks so we will see how it turns out. If it is nasty when it gets to him, I hope he has enough will power to toss it, or give it to a buddy to try.

I will let you all know.

I bet it'll be fine :{) I have sent some to my Nephew in boot camp. Took him almost two weeks to get it. In August. was reported as excellent :{)
First of all I commend your son and all how are serving and have served in our military branches, I think food saver is your best bet , if all the air is sucked out it should'nt, I have bought jerky in small stores that had no air conditioning and here I am, I will agree with the rest, it wont last long
I have always wondered myself about the longevity of jerky. All I can contribute is that while you sometimes see it commercially packaged in ziploc cryovaced bags, I saw some not too long ago in a different packaging.

If you can picture this: The bag was two layers, one layer was perforated with long slits as well as the inside bag. The slits were staggered so that while the meat was totally enclosed in plastic, the airflow capability was obvious......maybe slits is the wrong term. Picture metal mesh stamped plates with the holes staggered and an air cavity in between. It almost looked shredded on the outside when you first saw it.

After seeing this, I'd go with some air circulation as well. If you'd like I"ll consult my barbecue books and I'll ask the folks at Friedrich as well. They certainly know meat processing and preserving. Been meaning to get to this as well for the restaurant. When you coming over to check it out? You're fifteen minutes away!

Thank you for raising kids that have the conviction to participate in the military as well. My hats off to you and your parenting.
my wife and i send home made jerky to some troops in afghanistan,sent about 12 lbs so far, along with other needed items.
the best way to do it is to call 1 800 610-8734 and ask for care kit 04,inturn you will get flat rate packaging plus all the international forms, tape the whole sheebang free and delivered to your door,you could also go to the post office and pick it up minus the tape,ya gotta have the tape!!!
also properly dried jerky placed in a food saver bag will last as far as i know personally six months,haven't had any past that.

I have vac sealed jerky and froze it. It is still good over a year later. I would not hesitate to make a batch and vac seal it in preparation for a trip around the world. I have taken the jerky out of the freezer and thrown the vac sealed pkg in the jeep and left it for over a week prior to opening with no problems. I will offer this up, I make 44 lb batches and they have 1.75 ozs of cure in them.
when you fill out the manifest just put beef jerky on it ,not home made!
also no pork products are allowed!
the troops also need other things, so keep that in mind if you can afford it.

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