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Started my X-Mas Prime rib on Thanksgiving


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I tried a "Bearcarver" prime rib after some hit or miss attempts several months back. The results were great. Here is Bearcarver's thread on it.  After that, I did several more prime ribs, all were great. I decided to do something special for Christmas dinner with the family and bought a 23-3/4# Choice Rib Roast the day before thanksgiving. I unwrapped it, rinsed it and am letting it age in the refrigerator until 12-23. I will trim and marinade it overnight to be smoked on Christmas eve. Here are a few pics of the process so far.

This is the 1st day, Nov 23rd

This is on 11-27 (5th day in)

This is on 12-1 (9th day in)

This is 12-14 (22 days in)

I did a smaller test run a few weeks back with a variation on Bearcarver's rub. I loved it, we will see how the family likes it. I did learn I prefer hickory over pecan on rib roasts.

More photos to come!


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Boy, that's going to make a great Christmas dinner!



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YB -  The test run looks great, looking forward to the "real deal"

Have fun!


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12/23 1 month in.

This is after I trimmed and tied it. The roast lost about 3 lbs in the refrigerator, down to 21#. Trimming was another 8lbs. Final weight was 13lb.

Rubbed down and into the fridge for a little over 24hrs. The paste rub consists of the following:

1/4 cup Lee and Perrins Bold

1/4 cup spicy brown mustard

1T Kosher salt

1T black pepper

1T dried herbs, I used a mix of sage, thyme, and parsley

2t granulated garlic

2t granulated onion

1t motreal steak seasoning

1t liquid hickory smoke (say what you want, I like it in this rub)

I made the rub the day before I used it. I think that mellowed out some of the flavors, it is really, really good.

The roast went on for 1.5hr @ 150 then up to  225. Pellets were Hickory. About 4hrs in, the rain came in. The smoker was under an eve but was getting a little wet. I covered it with a moving blanket. It took about an hour to go from 108 to 128. I'm not sure if this was due to covering the grill or the less moisture in the roast or a combination of both. I kept an eye on the smoker and it didn't raise temps, but i wasn't watching like a hawk either. I guess that is why I check often. I didn't have the GMG hooked up to wifi, I brought my grill over to my parents (I moved up a size) The roast finished about an hour sooner than I expected.

Any ways I took it out and it reasted a little longer than it normally does. IT coasted up to 135.

I didn't get any action slicing photos. This was taken after the first pass.

All in all, I don't ever plan on doing another rib roast any different. I may try aging longer, or go with prime grade. By far my best prime rib to date. For me it is perfect. It went over real well with the family as well. 


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Great post, great qview, great information, great food. Other than these, I didn't care for the post.



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