standing rib roast makes great steaks, oh yeah

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  1. my wife brought a 6.5-lb. rib roast home last week.  I seared it on the Big Green Egg using Paul Prudhomme's approach; slice the fat cap off, throw some garlic powder, black pepper and salt on, crown it with thin-sliced onions, then put the cap back on and put it on the grill at about 500 for about 30 minutes.  Let it chill in the fridge downstairs for a few days, finally sliced it into steaks and grilled 'em today.  ohhhhhhh, yeah.


    what I didn't count on was the fat content in that excellent beef.  Within a few minutes, the entire grill was ablaze.  It was all I could do to flip 'em once and yank 'em off without getting 3rd-degree burns  :)

    Worth every minute; like butter :)


    she also brought home a Boston butt today, I'll grill that tomorrow (got the day off); reckon lunch is taken care of for this week  :)
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    I love steak,  nice job!
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    As steaks or a full roast you just can't beat a rib roast. I have 8 of them in the freezer, they were on sale for $5.79 a lb.

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