St Louis pork spare ribs with Q-View

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Original poster
Jun 30, 2014
Southern California
Hey everyone ... I went ahead and got some St. Louis cut pork ribs and smoked them on my modified ECB. Took it to my dads to give him a nice day and dinner with the grand kids.
I marinated them the night before with mustard then dry rub of paprika chopped onion minced garlic coriander pepper and salt .
Then I smoked them for about four hours at about 200- 250 ( temp fluctuated back and forth ... It's a ECB ... From what I've read that's normal with these) I used apple and hickory chips ... I heard chunks are better . I soaked some if the chips in water so they'd be moist . After the four hours was up I placed them on foil poured some bbq sauce on them ( I used Lucille's brand bbq sauce that I got at costco .. I was to lazy to make my own) and wrapped them and let them rest for 30 mins. This is what they looked like out of the foil.
Then off to the cutting board and back in the tray where I poured more sauce on them. Then they were ready to serve.
Everyone loved them dad was happy kids loved em and do did I. I even took the top off the smoker and left the charcoal pan ( modified old vertical smoker lid that I put legs on and supports to hold the charcoal pan inside ) next to my dad as we ate outside and it kept the area warm like a small patio heater while we ate outside. I just want to thank all you guys for all your help with questions that I have ... You've all been very helpful. I can't wait till next year to get my WSM 22.5 so I can really get smokin.. :drool:
Nice looking ribs, they came out great! 

We have an ECB group here on SMF, come on by and share your mods or check out some we have talked about or tried etc. 

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